Tiana Brown

Tiana Brown

Certified Life & Career Coach and B.A. Finance and Economics

Understanding your gifts and how you use those gifts to live your fullest life will by far be your greatest accomplishment. Then, your actions are of peace, truth and love. You are less likely to find yourself doing things that do not serve you.

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After spending over a decade as a leader in the corporate world, I made a shift to serve clients every day. My greatest past time is to make myself available to help others live their best life and run their amazing businesses, successfully. I have managed thousands of people in organizations such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Blackhawk Network and Freedom Financial. I know the importance of self fulfillment and wanting to make sure you are truly walking in purpose every day.

Working with me you will not only get over a decade of life, leadership and corporate experience, you will also become deeply connected with who you truly are. That is when you begin to live, have the greatest accomplishments and see life look and feel the way you have always wanted it to.

I am a proven success story as it relates to being a high performing leader, mentor and achieving radical goals that are thoughtfully set and reached. I can and will help you experience the same.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you figure out the path you so deeply desire in your life or business.


  • Certified Life and Career Coach; Grand Canyon University
  • Women's Business Coach
  • Leadership and Operations Coach
  • Business Consultant; Leadership and Operations


  • Leadership

    I teach practical and easy to follow methods to help you become a top leader in your organization.

  • Career Trajectory

    I show clients how to strategically navigate their career path not only to the benefit of their organization, but more importantly to the benefit of their development and financial wealth.

  • Motivation & Self Confidence

    It all begins with YOU! By working with me you will be able to re-establish the best relationship with yourself. Recognizing your purpose, gifts and value. From there, you will soar.

  • Setting and Achieving Goals

    Together we will define goal setting, understand why you have the goals you do and create tangible milestones that will help see those goals into reality.

  • Workplace Dynamic and Recognition

    I help leaders express the pulse of their business, and clearly understand how to better run their organization through improved communication, delegation, execution; straight through to seeing desired results.

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