Monique Daigneault

Monique Daigneault

Master of Science in Industrial / Organizational Psychology

I believe we all have the power to be leaders in the home, community, and workplace. I have coined a mantra that I love to use with my clients: "Model the behavior that you want to see, to be the influence you know you can be".

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Monique Daigneault is a seasoned professional with over three decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. As an executive coach Monique is known for her directive, yet collaborative, approach to client development. She has the unique ability to build immediate trust and quickly get clients into alignment with their true values and desired direction.

Monique combines her knowledge, insights, corporate experience, and entrepreneurial background with strong listening skills for the ultimate client experience. She guides clients to solve their core pain points, be more influential, and have a higher impact in their organizations. Clients benefit from practical and behavioral changes that are sustainable and measurable. Monique coaches leaders who want to increase their executive influence, lead by example, and have a higher impact on their team and within their organization.

Monique’s approach helps clients align first with themselves then with their organization and team while also improving health and work life balance. Monique brings a unique depth and breadth of experience and perspective to her clients, helping them expedite the mastery of almost any challenge.


  • Master of Science - Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science - Management
  • Associate of Science - Business Management
  • ICF Trained and IAPC&M Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Certified Performance Consultant
  • Certified Master Trainer
  • Certified Instructional Designer
  • Certified English as a Second Language Instructor (Business English Specialty)


  • Communication Style

    I help you shift communication patterns so that you can have productive conversations, be assertive with colleagues, have efficient meetings, get needed resources, speak so people will listen, and be a better presenter.

  • Crisis Management

    I help you manage conflict and high emotions during periods of crisis so that you can think quicker, clearer, be more decisive, and lead others through change, chaos, and ambiguity.

  • Secure that Promotion

    I am especially skilled at helping clients fast track their career by getting that next promotion in record time. We target self defeating behaviors, identify lacking skills, and create momentum and visibility.

  • Team Productivity

    Together we identify team productivity issues and analyze the group's dynamics to create a strategy that gets the team on track and aligned with goals and deliverables.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Want to give and receive feedback that can make you shine as a leader? We'll partner to ensure you are using the right languaging, acting on feedback you receive, and providing objective feedback that helps people grow.

  • Worklife Balance & Wellness

    If the lines are blurred between work, personal life, and wellness I will help you prioritize your schedule, manage time, address procrastination, set boundaries, and have assertive conversations to protect those decisions.

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