Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt

Executive Coach / Transitional Life Coach. PhD in Psychology

You can go after what you want, or you can avoid your fears. But you can't do both.

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My background is in psychology, team-building, and executive development. I draw from work experience in relationship building, brain research, and business to equip you with the tools you need to reach your fullest potential and live a purposeful life.

I work with executives who want to grow as leaders and improve their work performance. I also work with clients navigating life transitions who want to reach a new level of life fulfillment and purpose.

With all my clients, I help them connect to their values, shed limiting beliefs and behaviors patterns, and take new actions that produce results. I can help you reach your potential and live the life you truly want for yourself. Here is how it works.

You come to our confidential coaching partnership with an area(s) of your life you want to focus on. Our conversations facilitate you having new insights and generating inspiring possibilities that we transform in specific actions you can take to move towards your goals. We’ll acknowledge and celebrate your progress, and as your accountability partner, I’ll teach you methods to make it easier to stay on track. When emotions come up, which invariably they do, I’ll help you work through them productively.

My compassionate, intuitive, yet science-based, approach to our conversations is unique. If you feel stuck, misaligned from your purpose, or are looking to achieve a new level of performance, I’d love a chance to speak with you.


  • Small-to-Midsize Company C-Suite Executive
  • Startup Entrepreneur
  • Culture and Organizational Development Consultant
  • Team-Building Facilitator, Trainer
  • Columbia University Neuroscience Research Faculty
  • Neuroleadership Institute Brain-Based Coaching Certificate
  • Ph.D. in Psychology (Neuropsychology)


  • Leadership Journey

    It’s lonely and requires you to grow interpersonally. I’ll help you inspire and influence others, rather than manage them. You’ll discover your leadership gifts and style, and learn how to use them to achieve results.

  • Team Building

    Effective teams are built on trust and the capacity to have productive conflict. I’ll help you cultivate these qualities so that you can align team members around shared objectives and goals that lead to achieving results.

  • Performance Coaching

    I will help you identify and address performance-related roadblocks, problems, and self-defeating behaviors and mindsets, establish actionable performance goals, and become a more effective contributor to your team.

  • Navigating change

    Change can be a scary and emotional process, but it is also an opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. By connecting to your purpose and values, I’ll help you navigate the uncertainty to create the life you want.

  • Feeling Stuck in Life or a Situation

    When someone feels stuck they are usually conflicted between avoiding a fear or pursuing a goal. I’ll help you reframe the situation so that your actions are aligned to your values and desired results.

  • Managing Stress, Emotions, and Overwhelm

    When our emotions take over, we are less creative, less effective, and our relationships at home and work usually suffer. I’ll teach you evidence-based, brain-friendly approaches to put you back in control.

Extraordinarily grateful!

Michael expertly weaves intuition and hard science to help me understand my experience in a bigger context. He has a profound capacity to listen deeply, and to hear what isn't being said (but needs to be surfaced). His deep empathy allows me to feel safe and held, which gives me the courage to voice the things I'm afraid to face on my own.
— Amy H.

A true partner in solving my problems

Working with Michael is different from my experiences with other coaches. He is able to put himself on my side of the table and really see the problem from my perspective. He asks the right questions, and adds a lot of depth and insights, because he sees my challenges and goals as I do. I have achieved tangible results working with Michael.
— Maureen M.

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