Ross Stonecipher

Ross Stonecipher

Business and Self-development coach

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” — Thomas Edison

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Working with business leaders and owners around the US and world, I have been involved in Energy, Transportation, Publishing, Technology, Learning and Development and coaching. I helped develop franchised and private business models. I coach individuals who want to clarify and grow. I can assist you by walking beside your journey in both life and your business. Together, we build a relationship based on trust, truth, and continuous improvement so we can excel in life and our livelihoods!


  • Father, Friend, and Leader


  • Business

    Launching or growing your business or business function. Developing relationships with employees, partners, and customers to engage them "in" your business. Discover how to set expectations so one can communicate clearly.

Comment from a Client

Ross is such an incredible business man and person. I have had the absolute pleasure to know Ross both in business and as a friend. As a business man, Ross is exceptional! One of the absolute best I have ever worked with in business. Ross will acutely analyze a situation and after careful consideration, will determine the best strategy to help that organization dramatically improve. He is a man of many talents who would be such an asset to any organization. His character is unparalleled as someone who will always do the right thing. I cannot give any higher praise for Ross's business acumen or his exceptional great, positive personality. He truly is an incredible person!
— Scott Bradway

Comment from a co-worker

Ross is one of the people who showed me the way to get to and through some limitations that I had been suffering with a business scenario. His experience helped me to understand so much more than I did at that time and grow as a business owner and franchisee. He and I shared some international responsibilities as well as domestic agendas for SAAB and SAAB USA. I thank him for the support through the years and look forward to when our professional paths cross once again.
— Chris Cerrina

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