Brooke Walker

Brooke Walker

Bachelors - Psychology

I don't know what potential lays inside of you. I do know how to help you unlock that potential so the world can see you and value you. That is the greatest gift I feel I can give to any other human. Brooke Walker

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Hi I'm Brooke,
I have overcome my own disillusioning personal experience repairing and rebuilding myself after nearly 30 years in a cult. Over the years I have watched as others struggle to maneuver life’s challenges, relationships, boundaries, nutrition, fitness, health, finance and overcoming life’s stress. I came from a very abusive and damaging background and was able to overcome, heal, and thrive.

It suddenly hit me, that it was a gift. I realized that anyone could actually do what I have done in a much quicker amount of time. It is simple, it is really a matter of instilling new habits, focusing on values, and creating and maintaining consistency. How do you create an Undefeatable Mind? You start with you…. building the foundation. You will never be stronger than you believe you are, and others will take advantage if you let them.
I assist you to build a plan, that is based around your values and goals. Then you just implement the steps we lay out for you and the results happen naturally.

Let’s cut through the clutter, cultivate your self-confidence, increase your heart and mind connection, and reach a level of success beyond what you thought possible.


  • Public Speaker
  • Life Architect - Design your life from the foundation up


  • Relationships

    I work to unlock disconnections with those you love, so you can create healthy connections. What does your ideal relationship hold for you? Let's get beyond the small things to create great things with those that are closest.

  • Mindset

    We can be our greatest enemy. We become negative, doubtful or just inundated by others perceptions, we are not at our strongest. I can help you create the greatest inner strength you've ever achieved so you can own your life.

  • Nutrition

    I teach you how to create a positive relationship with what you feed yourself. The battle is not food choices, that is the symptom, let's get to the root of the problem.

  • Fitness and health

    Your health starts first in your mind. I had heart surgery at the age of 30 and since then I have ran marathons, 1/2 marathons, mud runs, Ragnars across the US, triathlons and more. Let's create your vision.

  • Career

    How do you show up in the world? We identify so much with what we do, how it represents us as a person. Which trickles into our lives when we make major shifts or are not satisfied. I will help you unlock your dreams.

  • Finance, Abundance and Wealth

    What you make and how you live are important to leave a legacy and feel freedom to live the way you choose. I will unlock your blocks to building a foundation for you and those you love.

Accountable for real change!

Her one-on-one guidance is always fully present. Definitely not a ‘cheer leader’ approach, where some will not progress under that model, she’s quick to hold me accountable & always forward thinking. Brooke has inspired me to be a better
— Patricia Rodriguez

Learn to Love Yourself

Brooke is an incredible person. She has help me in many places in my life including personal growth, confidence in my career, improving my relationships, and mostly just learning to love myself. I would highly recommend this wonderful woman to help you achieve goals and grow.
— Ana Brooks

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