Matt Tucker

Matt Tucker

Business Coach

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." - William Shakespeare

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My style is direct and to the point. I have a "no non-sense" approach and my job is to empower you to get the results you want and need. This is your life we're dealing with and I take it seriously. I promise you will have a sustainable breakthrough in vitality to achieve your results. I promise you will have a clear understanding of what you want, where you're going, and equally as important, how you're going to get there. I promise you will enjoy your time with me and you will be happy with the results you produce. I have tremendous coaching karma from my father, to my high school and college baseball coaches, to academic and working mentors. I've saved companies millions of dollars and have tailored extraordinary outcomes that originally were thought as unachievable in both personal and professional settings. I am also a human being at the end of the day and recognize my short-comings, especially being a single father. I have failed numerous times in my careers and have become better by learning from those experiences. This has afforded me mental and emotional resiliency. Through all this I became my own best friend and now I can be yours through whatever you're dealing with.


  • International MBA with recommendations to Harvard's Doctoral Educational Leadership Program
  • Former 2-time Division I Conference Champion in Baseball
  • Former Grudge Training Center's PRO Mixed Martial Arts Team Member & Competitor
  • CHP - Certified Healthcare Staffing Certificate
  • Former Senior Consultant for Vanto Group
  • Tekniko trained for and by Landmark Forum Leaders, Executive Staff and Vanto Group Consultants
  • DebX trained graduate
  • Six Sigma Green Belt trained
  • Former Speaker for the Inaugural Career Development Summit for Major League Baseball & Kelly Services


  • Consultant

    Listening for and relaying necessary communication that makes a difference with the client. Essentially, cutting to the core of the matter and effectively remedying it.

Thank you

"It all started with you Matt being clear and a extremely direct. It was pretty simple like you told me NO there is NO Time for being nice and courteous As your coach I'm here to provide you with results. I do not have time to mess around yes if that bothers you then this may not be for you. I'm looking to change peoples lives and getting you the breakthrough during and after the course but you have to be "All In" and I'm here to get you through any questions, or concerns anything you want to talk about. I took it personally as, "Hey Oscar are you ALL IN? If not, pack your bags." It was the best decision. And, best of all, Matt you showed up at the perfect time as I truly see my life evolving and in the now, immediately. I have had so much energy and drive that I have had a hard time being able to sleep. I have had so many cognition's/wins that I cannot list them all here as it is truly unbelievable. Too many as I can not share with just anyone based on there viewpoint as you would have to see and track my results from the point where I was 3 weeks ago til now."
— Oscar L.

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