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Nanor Ohanesian

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Have you noticed that in life and work you get stuck? You don’t take the actions you know to take. You avoid or procrastinate. Paralysis analysis, perfectionism, fear of failure, or not feeling confident or skilled, reduces productivity, performance, engagement and willingness to take initiative and responsibility. As a result, your projects don’t move forward, you don’t meet objectives, teams under-perform, and individuals and organizations don’t succeed.

My method is simple. Awareness + Empowerment + Action

You see, my favorite super hero is Dr. Strange because his powers are not acquired, rather they are unlocked! I believe the single highest predictor for great leaders is deep self-awareness. Awareness brings clarity, uncovers root “fears” & brings to light our natural talents. This empowers us to begin taking unprecedented actions with ease, decisiveness, and courage.

I partner with high potential leaders, employees, teams & individuals to unlock their talents and maximize their effectiveness to be unstoppable, succeed and excel. I have worked with individuals, small businesses and non-profits providing 1-on-1 coaching, GALLUP Strengths coaching, leadership development and team building workshops. By creating a judgment free space, I connect with clients focusing on clear goals and results. Clients say that it is my active listening, depth and unshakable commitment to their full potential that sets me apart.


  • Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach from the world's finest coaching program.
  • President of the International Coach Foundation - Orange County Chapter
  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
  • Professional Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner


  • Professional Life Coach

    My goal is to help you address and tackle your personal and professional challenges. Through my experience as a professional life coach, I have been fortunate enough to help those who need a helping hand or simply need advice

  • Leadership Develoment

    I strive to empower those who feel, at times, less confident than their true self. Leadership development begins with awareness and progresses with empowerment, let me help you get there!

  • Team Building Expert

    Healthy interconnections between team members is a crucial aspect for the longevity and success of any team. I use my experiences and knowledge as fuel in creating high performance teams. Let's connect and get started!

  • Goal Orientated

    Success derives from driven individuals and those who are goal orientated for the future. Let me help you establish your goals early-on to create success from any objective you aim to reach

Chief Revenue Officer at Clay AIR

I spent a great deal of time looking for an executive coach who could take me to the next level. I chose Nanor because of her unique ability to actively listen, care, and force me to be specific and accountable with my goals. Nanor doesn't just help me tackle the challenges in my career and life, she enables me to perceive them differently. Working with Nanor has made me uncover how I view the world, the effect that has on my ability to execute, and how to change, so I can execute more effectively. Working with Nanor has made me push myself in my career to another level, leading to promotions, raises, and significant improvements in my relationships at work. I couldn't recommend her more to anyone who is looking to grow - the return on investment is obvious.
— Varag Gharibjanian

Office Administrator with over 20 Years Experience in Construction

I was partnered with Nanor through The Top Performers program at WHW without knowing what to expect. Nanor opened my eyes in many different ways and had me questioning my strengths and weaknesses. Through it all I came to value myself much more than I thought possible. I am so thankful for the time I had with her and highly recommend Nanor! Thank you
— Brenda Polk

Quality Software Engineer at BIO - RAD LABORATORIES, INC.

Nanor is a very organized, goal oriented, pleasant and supportive person. She is very passionate and extremely committed to helping me remove my roadblocks to accomplish my goals. She always makes me think and find ways about how to proceed and make me proud of myself. I highly recommend Nanor as a Life Coach as well as a true friend.

Thank you Nanor for your support to me during this difficult time. It was a wonderful experience to learn with you about how to face challenges in life, through The Top Performers program from WHW.
— Cicily Kavilaveettil

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