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Alexandra Aberle

Certified Executive Coach, Life and Career Coach, CBT Practitioner

Improvements in your circumstances are possible when the desire to change becomes greater than the desire to stay the same. EXTRAORDINARY results and fulfilling life are within your reach! What is preventing you from achieving greatness?

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The best leaders have courage to ask for help and find the way forward when stuck. If you want to build strategies, an action plan, and support to achieve personal and professional goals, I am here to help!

I am devoted to helping existing and aspiring leaders grow and perform at their fullest potential. During my 23-year career of leading teams at global organizations, I've been successful as a Leadership, Learning and Talent Development, Strategic Operations Management, Service Transformation, and Organizational Design executive and a Certified Executive Coach. I hired, mentored, and led high-performing teams, delivering superb services in public, government, and non-profit sectors. As a leadership and career coach, I've partnered with the executives from Anthem, Macy’s, Interstate Hotels, Ciox Health, YPO, Johns Hopkins University, Booz Allen, and others.

Previously I worked at YPO, an exclusive network of leaders, and counseled/coached C-Suite executives on the development of seven award-winning education programs. I co-developed YPO Innovation Program, enhancing lifelong learning experience for CEOs. Prior to YPO, at BT I was a senior Leadership Board member, managing Service Transformation, Organizational Development, Learning and Development, and Operations for a $500 million division. I led and coached global teams supporting five global sites and customers located in 178 countries. I was honored with three All-Star Awards for contributing to 35% rev. growth.


  • Master of Science, Management and Leadership - Western Governers University, 2021
  • BA in Management, w/c Operations and Logistics - Southern New Hampshire University, 2018
  • Certified Executive Coach (CEC) - Word Coach Institute (ICF-approved)
  • Certified Professional Coach - Word Coach Institute (ICF-approved)
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Practitioner - Achology, Credential ID UC-08K83ZX1
  • NLP Practitioner (ABNLP approved training)


  • Leadership Development

    I work with current and aspiring leaders to calibrate current skills, expand knowledge, and innovate approaches to effective organizational, team, and individual performance. Together we create strategies for your success.

  • Career Transition

    I help professionals going through a career transition to pave the path forward towards personal and professional success without fear and hesitation. As a published author, I've developed a proven methodology to thrive.

  • Mindset Change & Self-Confidence Builder

    By utilizing Cognitive Behavior Therapy methods, I guide clients to recognize automatic and limiting thoughts and beliefs that lead to self-destruction and transform their behaviors and mindset to live a fulfilling life.

  • Leading in Remote Environment

    There are many aspects of leading teams remotely that are different from the office work. I guide you to improve lack of trust, ability to read the energy in the room, and motivation of teams to reach the best results.

Cybersecurity Executive | Governance, Risk and Compliance

Working with Alex has not only been a delight, but was tremendously beneficial in helping me to focus on my strengths and how to effectively communicate my experience. Her insights and professionalism, along with her continuous encouragement made the process valuable. I will strongly recommend her services.
— L. Adesida

Organizational Change Executive

Alex is a wonderful asset to any team. Her dedication and professionalism made her very easy to work with. Alex's expertise in Leadership Development enabled me to use her tools and excel in providing insight with my teams. Her depth of knowledge in leadership and planning helped me and my teams achieve my goals. Her strategic and tactical goal setting ensured that we were able to plan achievable milestones.

Thank you Alex for all of your hard work. I look forward to working with you again.
— C. DeAbreu

Senior VP, Information Security Policy Management | Cybersecurity and Information Technology (IT) Executive​​

"I have been working with her for over 2 years. While interviewing Alex amongst the 5 coaches, I knew immediately that she was speaking from experience rather than theory. At the time, I could not articulate that my confidence had been shaken through personal and professional events.
Alex gave me frank and neutral advice and direction to find my leadership voice and style again. She worked with me to say “no” to requests strategically and in a way that was positive for me and the requestors. She taught me how to replace "not letting anyone down" with how to preserve relationships.

Alex is constantly probing me for what is really important and provides suggestions for actions that may seem apparent, but crystal clear after discussions with her. With her guidance and experience, we developed my life mission and goals. I have been able to set, maintain and self-correct when others break boundaries. I am proud of my ability to continue to live an authentic life both professionally and personally with boundaries that reflect my needs, wants, and values. If you need a spark of inspiration and a mentor, and you are ready to do the significant work yourself to achieve your goals, Alex is the partner for you! She has changed my life, both personally and professionally."
— P. Lidemoen

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