Dr. Michele D'amico

Dr. Michele D'amico


"We cannot become who we want to be by remaining who we are." Max DePree.

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Dr. Michele empowers all-in leaders and their teams to realize their potential and reach peak performance both personally and professionally.

With over a decade of experience, she partners with individuals and innovative and progressive organizations to maximize performance by identifying and leveraging patterns in behavior and supporting them to thrive in change and develop a strong leadership culture.

Her whole-person approach is grounded in behavioral and psychological principles along with corporate experience and strong intuition. Her clients span across a wide range of industries and organizations within the corporate, nonprofit, entertainment and business development domains.

She inspires leaders and their teams to build connections and create a culture of collaboration, authenticity and strong communication that nurtures momentum and trust, increases leadership skills and enables them to reach peak performance.

She's a Certified Professional and Executive Leadership Coach with a Doctorate in Psychology and deep expertise in human behavior, resilience, communication and emotional intelligence.

Motivation. Inspiration. Transformation.



  • Founder and CEO, Vetta
  • PsyD, Clinical Psychology
  • CELC - Certified Executive Coach
  • CPC - Certified Professional Coach
  • Consistency: The Key to Changing Your Behavior (eBook)
  • Imposter Syndrome (eBook)
  • Resilience and Trauma (Dissertation)


  • Breakthrough Transformational Coaching

    Breakthrough coaching is a powerful, transformative process that increases your self-awareness so you can identify actions necessary to breakthrough those barriers holding you back and put a plan in place to move you forward.

  • The Resilient Mind

    Resilient people are better able to deal with the demands of constantly changing priorities and a heavy workload. My 7-step process will help you to develop the resilience necessary to get beyond the fear and thrive.

  • Leadership

    Whether you're an emerging leader, executive or business owner, your company’s growth depends on your leadership skills. I will give yo the tools you need to make a difference and be the unique leader that you are.

  • Collaborative Communication

    I help you and your team to build an authentic, collaborative communication process that get's your team's buy-in and reduces conflict.

  • Team Building

    Pushing that boulder up the mountain requires a team work and building a strong team requires insight and leadership. I will help you learn the right questions to ask and the best way to manage and motivate your team.

  • Growth Mindset

    Sometimes we get stuck in a mindset that doesn't serve our growth. Using proven modalities and techniques, I will help you uncover a growth mindset & develop new neuropathways to reach your peak and sustain your growth.

Nobles Global Communications

“I found Michele when I was seeking to jump-start my 10-year-old business after an unfocused ‘lull’ period… She’s a great reader of people, and she cuts through issues quickly. I highly recommend her for executives at any level.”
— Laura Nobles


“One of the most valuable lessons I gained from our sessions was leadership skills-how to assess what’s going on in a group and then applying my strengths as well as identifying and developing leadership skills in need of improvement.”
— Donna P.

The Creative Process

“In just a few sessions, Dr. D'Amico helped me unlock a will to create that had long grown dormant. She facilitated conversations that pushed me to identify self-imposed restrictions I'd put on my work, as well as debilitating lies lurking in the story I'd been telling myself about myself as an artist. She was both empathetic and firm, and I finished our conversations with a renewed sense of purpose that has transferred -- with clear results -- in to the work I've done since.”
— Brian Golden

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