Anne Fraser

Anne Fraser

ACC, ICF Certified Ontological and Transformational Life Coach

"There is no greater opportunity to be creative than a crisis" Elyse Grahm

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I am an ICF Certified Ontological and Transformational Life Coach. I provide hands-on, individualized coaching for Adults, Teens, Couples, and Families. I partner with my clients on a journey of self-discovery toward building clear, authentic communication that lead to joyous, meaningful, and fulfilling partnerships. I can help you find freedom in setting goals that yield valuable achievements through being present, focused, and neutrally examining beliefs. I author and facilitate experiential workshops, and provide value-added worksheets and coaching plans that will motivate and enhance your ability to reach your goals.


  • Certified Professional Coach | CPC | 2013
  • Life Coach | Ideal Coaching Global | 2016
  • International Coaching Federation | ACC | 2018


  • Relationship Building

    Improve your relationship with yourself, and those that matter most to you. Find balance, strengthen communication, and create deep meaningful connections.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Move away from judgments and assumptions. Discover strategies that aid you in dropping your defenses. See, hear, and understand someone else's perspective. Effectively listen and communicate back your own needs.

  • Mood regulation and Emotional Relaese

    Access your ability to recognize triggers and patterns. Learn to apply tools and strategies to shift your moods and release your emotions. Move from unregulated emotional reactions to choice.

  • Accountability and Goal Setting

    Impliment goal setting and success. Figure out what's missing. Set yourself up to win. Calculate positive and negative consequences, rewards, payoffs and risks. Validate and celebrate your success through accountability.

Professor of English

Anne is simply astonishing. I have worked with numerous therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists over the past 25 years and Anne is hands-down the most effective problem-solver I have ever known. Anne's greatest gift is her deep empathy coupled with startling intuition. Anne gently guides you to natural solutions while allowing you to have complete agency over your life. In the end Anne frees you from your own constructed-barriers by gradually revealing that you have everything needed to actualize your dreams. Working with Anne has helped me strengthen my personal relationships while clearing space for what matters most. During Anne's sessions, she listens, assesses, and then offers practical real-world assignments with actionable objectives. Over time you can see your dream-life manifesting in ways that you could not have imagined. Anne is not your usual life-coach. She is a dream weaver and truth-teller all wrapped up into one gorgeous package.

— Cecile K. Ph.D.

College Student

Anne is an awesome Life Coach. She listened to me and knew exactly what I needed. She helped me discover my passions, and reach my goals. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. She was there for me every step of the way.
— Andrea S.

Medical Assistant

Anne is a wonderful Life Coach. Prior to coaching, I spent my time and energy worrying about the relationship I had with my son. After Just six sessions with Anne, our relationship starting changing for the better. Anne is very perceptive and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a change for the better.
— Janelle D.

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