Warren Zeiser

Warren Zeiser

Leadership and Business Coach

Every Road Leads to Somewhere

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Warren began his entrepreneurial journey at the early age of 23 when he became the youngest ever partner in a national sales company. He helped that company grow to over $70mm in annual revenue. Since then, Warren has lead several successful companies and helped each of them realize significant success. In 2016, Warren started WeRise Consulting and has served as a leadership coach and strategy consultant to some of the hottest companies today. He is known and regarded for his no-nonsense approach to helping leaders realize their inner greatness and simply get stuff done.


  • Helped a client grow revenue from $22MM to over $40mm annually in under 3 years.
  • Helped clients get recognized by Inc Magazine, The Business Review, The NY Times, and The Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst and Young.
  • Helped a nationally known lifestyle brand grow its food division by over 400% and margins by over 65% in under 3 years.
  • Helped resurrect a 90-year-old beloved commercial bread bakery by executing a turnaround strategy and ultimate sale of the business.


  • Confidence

    I help leaders identify their strengths, as well as their areas of improvement and develop a leadership style they can be confident in. I then teach them how to leverage their strengths and hire for their weaknesses.

  • Culture

    Culture eats strategy for lunch. I help leaders build a culture with that perfect balance of enjoyment, respect, loyalty, autonomy, trust, and accountability.

  • Communication

    I believe the success of any leader is tied directly to how well they communicate with their team. Imagine being able to have a meeting where everyone leaves the room knowing exactly what they need to do, how to get it done,

  • Strategic Thinking

    This is the essence of leadership. Learn how to stay out of the weeds and focus on the big picture. How to avoid problems and how to solve them when they do come up.

CEO Death Wish Coffee

Warren and I have worked together at Death Wish Coffee for 2 years and the value he delivers is second to none. I've gotten the most out of his leadership training. He works with my team weekly to build their skills and constantly refocuses me and pulls me out of the weeds. I'm proud to say he's a friend now.

Dean at SUNY Schenectady Business and Law

Warren is one of the most talented and energetic individuals I’ve met. He is an outstanding and thoughtful public speaker and I truly respect his integrity, creativity and overall business acumen. His insights, sensibility and vision are invaluable. His expertise and down-to-earth style…are true gifts.
— Michael Roggow

The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Warren worked with us at Beekman 1802 to help shepherd and grow our specialty foods category. His proven experience helped grow the business exponentially. He worked seamlessly with our team and the resources we had in place to amplify opportunities and strategize future initiatives. Highly recommended!
— Brent and Josh

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