Jared Dunn

Jared Dunn

Certified Organizational, Executive, & Leadership Coach

My Value Proposition: As an Operational Strategist and Leadership Coach, I help organizations and individuals discover clarity, purpose, and development opportunities so they can achieve their full growth potential.

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With over 20 years of strategic, operational, and executive leadership experience, Jared is a sought after consultant and coach because he offers uncommon blend of creative and analytical talents along with results-proven ability to apply new ideas, resourcefulness, and innovation to propel organizations and leaders to the next level, overcome roadblocks, and build competitive advantage.

Jared’s approach is all about imagining the future and figuring out strategy to get you there. He urges his clients to dream BIG and identify WINs – and then to plan accordingly to ensure success. He’s known for his high level of energy and fresh perspectives to all his clients. His clients have called him a transformational leader who embraces change and leads teams through innovative and rapid response to change.


• Executive & Leadership Coaching
• Team Building & Leadership Development
• Strategic Planning & Operational Management
• Organizational Turnaround & Culture Transformation
• Strategic/Operational Goals & Project Management

He looks forward to sharing his expertise, experience, passion and skills with you.


  • Founder + CEO + Leadership and Executive Coach, Propel Group
  • Consulted tech startup and coached founders, assisting company growth in 6 years with a valuation of US$807.75 million
  • Created strategy and roadmap for revenue growth and profitability, guiding tech company’s marketing strategy from startup to IPO
  • B.A. Educational Leadership
  • Leadership Development Certification, Sydney Austraila
  • StratOp (Strategy, Operations, Financial) Certification Paterson Center 2013
  • Developed a myriad of corporate training courses for greater organizational and leadership effectiveness
  • Startup People Ops leader for 15-years with many organizations


  • Discover Your Hero’s Journey

    It’s not about me giving you the answers, I use my process to help you discover the hero that’s is already deep inside you to find the solution. And to help you look at different aspects and perspectives you’re not seeing.

  • Be The Leader, Make A Difference

    There are 3 specific things successful leaders do consistently to harness a powerful leadership influence. With my coaching, you’ll learn to incorporate these transformative principles into your own leadership philosophy.

  • Avoiding Burnout: Life Balance and Self-Care

    I will help you explore and understand how to avoid burnout and achieve more balance in your life - and more importantly – find inner healing and peace through self-care, mindfulness, EFT, and many other tools and techniques.

  • ‘Design Your Destiny’: Strategic Planning

    I help you and your executive team develop an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus among you with a critical game-plan and proprietary web-based dashboard for the future success of your organization.

  • Overcome Fears By Befriending Your Shadow Self

    Because FEAR is false evidence appearing real, I will coach you with evidence based therapies to help you strategically overcome your deep seated fears by discovering and clearly defining your real values and beliefs.

  • Custom-Tailored Growth Plan with 6x6 Goal Process

    Develop a custom-tailored growth plan that will give you a clear direction in life, one that is purpose driven, rooted in your own values and strengths, and maximizes your potential with my unique strategic 6x6 goal process.

Executive Leader at Target

Jared is an engaging and inspirational leader, he has years of knowledge from multiple industries. He leads teams that others want to be on. He genuinely cares for people and would be a valuable addition to any organization!
— Tim Ferrara

COO Tag Media

In my work with Jared, I found him to be a very intelligent, driven, natural leader whose heart was not only for his success but also for those on his team that he could elevate and excel in their own personal development and growth. Jared has a proven leadership record and possesses a broad range of experiences and learning's which put him in a unique position to assist organizations and individuals to excel and achieve their goals.
— Steve Bell

UX Web Designer at Showit, Inc

Jared is an awesome and diverse leader. In the time that I've worked with him I've seen him learn, implement and lead through new processes and strategies. He takes an incredible amount of ownership in what he does and helps everyone around him do the same. I'd highly recommend him.
— Chris Misterek

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