Linda Rolufs

Linda Rolufs

Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology

True freedom is found in knowing your true self.

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Humans are meant for greatness and as a therapist of 20 years, I’ve seen this from the inside out. I’ve had the privilege to be with people as they tell me things, they have never told anyone. I’ve learned what motivates us and what holds us back.
As your life designer, we won’t be doing therapy, but you’ll have access to all my knowledge as a therapist. I will partner with you to
• Recognize obstacles and eliminate them at their core
• Design a plan based on awareness of your goals, values and the realities of your life right now
• Implement strategies that create momentum, clarity, freedom, and purpose and set you firmly on the path of excellence.
Like everyone else, my life didn’t unfold the way I expected. I’ve had to get through some things that I never thought I’d survive. But I did survive and then learned to thrive. I know what it’s like to keep going and hold on to yourself when so much of life is unpredictable.
So I will meet you with 100% acceptance of who you are and where you are, right here, right now and at the same time provide ongoing challenge, empowering you to take the life-changing risks that move you quickly toward the life you want.


  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology--Santa Clara University
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Trainer


  • Motivation and Drive

    I help you get clear on what motivates you and what gets in the way. We design a life around your strengths. We pinpoint your obstacles and not just navigate them but remove them at their core.

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills

    DBT teaches us to embrace all of life. DBT breaks down important life-changing skills into a step by step process. Through this, we transform perceptions, actions and ultimately transform your life.

  • Relationship Competence

    As humans, social competence is our greatest strength. Without it, success in life eludes us. I show you how to use the power of reciprocity to create personal relationships that thrive and professional alliances that work.

  • Radical Acceptance

    We break down step by step how to accept and grow through unexpected, unwanted and even painful life circumstances. Learn ways to let go of the past, eliminate resentment and move through grief.

  • Crisis Management

    This is a must amidst the uncertainty and instability of our modern life. I show you strategies, to navigate challenges, hardships and stressful events with strength, confidence, and integrity.

  • Creating Happiness and Finding Peace

    We all know that life isn’t perfect—ever. By learning to thrive through challenges, find acceptance in complexity and show up present and genuine every day, you cultivate the platform on which to build a high-quality life.

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