Andrew Kolikoff

Andrew Kolikoff

Front Page of USA Today | Exec. Servant Leadership Coach

If you are not practicing something what are you getting good at?

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Reaching one's potential is most often achieved through the help of a mentor, a coach who helps you see the world or specific challenge differently, keeps you focused and leaves you to make the breakthrough happen on your own.

The very best coaches never give you the answers to your greatest challenges folks, they help you find the answers within yourself. Focus your attention on adding better, more positive practices in your life. Practice them till they become habit. Oh... and about those bad behaviors and habits... if we are adding so many new, positive practices that become habits in our life and work most all the bad ones will just fall off of you!

Andrew has lived his life committed to serving others and sharing the wisdom of his life's greatest successes and as well his greatest failures.


  • Front Page (Top Fold) of USA Today December 2004


  • Servant Leadership Coach

    If it is your desire to be All IN as a servant leader look no further. Andrew has successfully built and sold a number of companies based on his extraordinary and unwavering commitment to serving others.

  • Servant Sales Coach

    Andrew is one of the world leaders in this new, burgeoning field called Servant Sales - a 100% commitment to MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the LIVES of those we seek business from. (Be sure to watch my Servant Sales Youtube above.)

  • Personal Best Coach

    As Andrew always says, if you are not practicing something, what are you getting good at. Too few actually practice BEING. Practice thought(s) focal point. Live better. Achieve better. Practice to make habit.

  • Crisis Coach

    The true measure of the human being is revealed to the world in times of great challenge and crisis. Andrew has been through many in his storied career. Learn from someone who can really really help.

  • Alignment Coach

    True power comes when we align every aspect of our lives. As I say, we must align ourselves with ourselves - our thoughts with our words and actions and of course our personal lives with our business lives.

  • Rainmaking Mastery Coach

    Need clients? Stop selling... make it rain clients by learning the art and science of making a difference in the lives of those you do business with and seek business from. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activi

Former Chief Human Resources Director for the State of Arizona

"Here is an individual who makes a difference in people's lives. Andrew is really into HOPE (help one person each) day! His purpose of being a servant is real, from the heart and beautiful. Definitely an influencer, an engaging communicator who builds and nurtures strong, trust-based relationships while developing long lasting connections. I love the way Andrew connects with others, goes above and beyond to make you feel special. It is an honor to know you Andrew. And you already made a difference in my life!"
— Silvia Hernandes

Business Leader

What can I say about Andrew that already hasn't been said? Andrew is one of those people who gives without ever asking for anything in return. His heart is as big as they come and the gifts he gives to others are always with love. He is not only one of the most giving people I have come to know but he is intelligent and talented in so many ways.

Once you meet Andrew, you want to be around him because his positivity is infectious. When you are in his presence, you are elevated to a place that makes you want to give to others and be a better human.

If you are looking to hire Andrew or his company, I highly recommend him. By knowing him, your business will be better and so will you.
— Stuart Selbst

Trusted Finance and Strategy Advisor To Business Owners & CEOs in the Manufacturing Industry

When I met Andrew for the first time, we immediate;y connected, because our lives' philosophy is routed in the same principle: growing professionally and personally by servicing others.
Andrew is a Servant Leadership and Servant Sales Coach in the most authentic meaning possible. He teaches you to help others by helping yourself through generating results and elevating happiness. In other words, Andrew develops your self-fulfillment through being In-Service to others.

I highly recommend Andrew to everyone who strives for personal and professional success through generating personal and professional success for others.
— Gerhard Kratzer

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