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Craig Goodman

Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D.

"There is no such thing as a problems, only solutions!" John Lennon

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I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach. I have a Ph.D. in Neurobiology.
My approach is influenced not only by psychology but by neurobiology and neuroscience in how the brain works . In order to create lasting and genuine change, the brain and one's thoughts must be optimized and habitually trained to think and feel positive and confident. My therapeutic approach is aimed at empowering my clients, training them to recognize and fully actualize their inner strengths and potential. It is not enough to simply treat the symptoms, but for true lasting mental health and personal success, it is necessarily to get to the root of one's maladaptive or negative thinking and view of themselves, freeing the mind and spirit to achieve true happiness and success.
Our sessions will enhance your performance in life and allow you to feel satisfaction and inner happiness from everything that you do! You will learn lifelong tools and skills based on the latest advances in Psychology and Neuroscience that maximizes the performance potential of your brain, and strengthens your self-esteem. You will learn how to attain Happiness, Love, Health, and Financial Success!


  • San Francisco State University Major: Psychology B.A. (1993)
  • California State University, Northridge Major: Clinical Psychology M.A. (1998)
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassah Medical School - Ph.D. (2002) Major: Neurobiology and Neuropsychology
  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Haifa - Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Reserves, Military Psychologist - Captain. Mobile Combat Medical Unit 1999-Present
  • 2012-present - Expert Clinical Psychologist Specialist Licensed from the Israel Psychological Association (IPA)
  • 1999-present - Ministry of Health, Israel - Licensed Psychologist
  • Thirty Published Articles in Scientific Peer-Reviewed Journals


  • Supercharge Your Life with Love and true Happiness

    Provide life-long tools for high Self-Esteem, confidence, self-actualization, inner peace, and life satisfaction. Learn how to truly love yourself and succeed in everything you do. Have real meaning in life.

  • Anxiety and Stress Management

    I treat anxiety, phobias and fears, depression, lack of Self-Confidence, negative self-image. Using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) learn practical tools to overcome any obstacles blocking your success and happiness.

  • Build Better Relationships

    Improve all types of relationships, intimate or family oriented including marriage, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, intimacy issues and all other relationships. Learn tools to transform and find your ideal relationships!

  • Self-Esteem. Goal setting. Boundaries.

    Discover how to feel great about yourself with true self confidence and self-worth. Learn how to actualize yourself and to develop all your strengths and talents. Reach your goals and beyond. The sky is the limit!

  • Motivation & Perseverance

    Discover how to become the best of the best! Learn the tools of success from the experts. Gain focus, strength, passion, and drive in all that you do! Find meaning and satisfaction in your professional and personal lives.

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