Robert Grant

Robert Grant

Professional Track Athlete, M.S. Sports Management, Track Coach

"A Man who has a why to live, can bear almost any how." -Friedrich Nietzsche

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When you watch a big game or see someone accomplish something extraordinary you may think to yourself, "how did they get to be so special?" The thing about it is, they are human just like you, go through lives adversities the same and have the same doubts and fears as you. They are just like YOU. What gives those people the ability to succeed at a high level is their motivation, emotional control, mental strength and positivity. These are all things that can be developed and learned. Every person has their own personal hero inside of them and something extraordinary deep within. Finding the ways develop these life skills and become the person you want to be is what I can help you with.

Being an athlete is extremely challenging mentally and physically every day. You are constantly battling the little voice in your head telling you that you can stop now and you'll be fine. After battling back from a diagnosed career ending injury, I started working with my teammates and colleagues on how to battle out of their own personal adversities. Using the skills I have developed as an athlete I can transfer those skills to you in your everyday life.


  • 3x NCAA National Champion
  • 9x NCAA First Team All-American
  • World Record Holder Indoor 4x400 2018
  • 3x SEC Champion
  • B.S. Business - Texas A&M University 2018
  • Youngest Hurdler at the Olympic Trials 2016
  • Returned to running after being diagnosed with a career ending injury
  • Academic All-American 2017


  • Finding Motivation

    Finding the right type of motivation is hard. I will work with you to develop skills to wake up motivated every day, set up a motivation strategy and help you find the motivation to achieve your life goals.

  • Leadership Skills

    Every leader is different, whether you were a natural born leader or you are still developing. I will help you find your personal leadership style, develop your leadership skills and help you with communication and execution.

  • Goal Setting

    Think gold and never settle for silver. Setting goals is sometimes challenging, where do you start? I will help you develop and lay our your goals in an obtainable, challenging and fun way.

  • Adversity Training

    Life can knock you down, having the invaluable tools to be prepared, stand back up and keep going is the key. I will work with you to develop the tools and skills to deal with lives many adversities.

  • Lifestyle Management

    Balancing work, social and personal time in life can be a challenge. Equipping yourself with the knowledge on how to say "no", finding time to relax and developing time management will help you better manage your life.

  • Mental Strength

    What do most successful people all have in common, mental strength. 90% of the time your mental preparation is what is holding you back. Uncover the skills to develop your own personal mind gym and flex your mental muscles.

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