Kendell Daly

Kendell Daly

Life Transition Coach

Embrace the journey to CHANGE!

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My personal journey has not been without its challenges and changes; however, I’ve learned to embrace CHANGE. I’ve learned that setting attainable goals and getting the support I needed helped me through those challenges.

I partner with you to provide the support, growth and clarity you need to take inspired action much more quickly than you would be able to do on your own. We will work together to achieve your goals; career or self improvement related. I can help you find your life pupose, create awareness within yourself, improve yourself, be your accountability partner around the goals you've set, help you take the 1st steps towards living your dreams instead of dreaming your dreams.

We will focus on moving forward, setting attainable goals and celebrating your successes along the way with ease and motivation you wouldn't have on your own.

A professional athlete uses a professional coach for their experience, their energetic enthusiasm, their support and skill to make them the best they can be. You could be living a life with more balance, joy, fulfillment and abundance. Isn't your Life worth a professional life coach


  • International Coach Federation ACC Credentialed Coach and Member
  • Purpose Clarity Certified Coach
  • Transform Coaching Academy Certified Coach
  • Stephen's Minister


  • Change Catalyst

    I help you embrace the journey to change. Change can be hard until you have the right partner to walk along side you.

  • Career Growth

    I work with you to grow in your career and help you gain confidence in taking the next steps.

  • Purpose Clarity

    I help you gain clarity on who you are and what your passions are in life, personally or professionally.

  • Renewed Sense of Self

    I help you set fresh new goals around your health, fitness and wellness while having a partner to walk along side you.

  • Inpirational Awareness

    I help you gain insight on how you operate best. Learn more about what gets you excited and what is holding you back to move to a more fulfilled life..

  • Work/Life Balance

    I help you identify what you are putting up with, clear out the clutter and gain a more stress free, balanced life.

Founder and CEO of Mari Schofner Transformational Life Coaching

"Kendell is an exceptional life coach! Every session with Kendell leaves me with a fulfilling belief in myself and the ability to be and have the life I want. When we first started working together I was afraid to pursue my passion in entrepreneurship. She helped me learn how to discern my next steps in this passion as well as be able to balance it with my personal life as a wife and mother of teen boys. With Kendell’s coaching I learned to handle stress differently and have more calm and peace. I also have the courage to endeavor in the new and unfamiliar. Coaching with Kendell has been invaluable to me!"
— Mari Schofner

Public Speaker and Coach

"Before starting coaching with Kendell, I wasn’t really sure if I even needed coaching. Oh my goodness! After having her coach me, I can’t imagine where I’d be without it! The clarity and momentum made possible through Kendell’s coaching has FAR exceeded my expectations.
— Rachel Mohr

Young Living Wellness Educator

"I’ve been working with Kendell for 8 months. The amount of growth I’ve had in that short time has made a huge impact in all aspects of my life. Your mind is very strong and can work in ways that hinder your growth without you even knowing it. Kendell has given me tools to help me take control of my thoughts and actions so that my mind works for me rather than against me. I started my own business with Young Living Essential Oils and I am so grateful to have Kendell in my corner. I’m excited to see where my future takes me."
— Deanna Tedesco

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