Craig Garcia

Craig Garcia

Law Enforcement Life Coach

"Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges." - Bryant McGill

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My experience includes being involved in many hi-profile investigations as a Special Operations Detective to include homicides, gang motivated shootings, armed robbery crews, narcotics and organized crime groups. I have over five (5) years as a Sergeant and spent several years supervising high risk operations as a Street Crimes Unit Sergeant. I have been a certified AZPOST General Instructor for over fourteen (14) years and instructed classes at the police academy and for other agencies. Some of the advanced training classes include Officer Involved Shootings and Mindset, Investigations using Cell Phone Analyzation and Tracking, Fugitive Apprehension and Covert Surveillance. This has given me a unique perspective to provide mentorship for those looking for career advancement. My experience allows me to consult those already in specialty areas to provide investigations advice.
Being directly involved in several critical incidents has given me first-hand experience in the importance of mindset training and resiliency. I can speak freely about my PTSD experience and the need to balance home life, physical fitness, mental focus and spirituality.
I want to provide supervisory insight vital to effective leadership and administrative tasks.
My mission is to prepare you for a long healthy career in law enforcement by balancing personal and professional life. Ultimately, I want to give back and help you to successfully navigate a through a rewarding profession.


  • 20+ years in Law Enforcement. Special Operations Detective U.S. Marshals / ATF Task Force and Gang Unit. 5+ years Patrol and Street Crimes Sergeant
  • AZPOST Certified General Instructor, Subject Matter Expert Cell Phone Records mapping and live locates, Advanced Tactical Apprehension Instructor
  • Crisis Intervention Trained 12 years experience, SWAT School, Fitness Instructor. 793 Advance Training Hours.
  • Police Department Medal of Honor, Purple Heart and Three (3) Commendations
  • National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) TOP COPS Honorable Mention Award 2013


  • Law Enforcement Coaching

    With over 20 years of law enforcement, I understand how cumulative stress from the job can affect personal and professional life. I can provide training techniques to improve daily mental and physical preparations.

  • Resiliency

    I experienced PTSD after being shot and have been able to keep this incident from affecting my life in a detrimental way. I will provide proven ways to manage and overcome the residual effects of critical incidents.

  • Mindset

    Being in Special Operations positions most of my career, I have worked at least one hundred (100) high risk details. From this training and experience, it allows me to give insight in what it takes to perform at a high level

  • Career and Leadership Coaching

    Learn how to stand out within your organization while still being a team player. Setting achievable goals and developing strong habits.

  • Frontline Supervison

    I can provide ways to help make the transition from line officer to supervisor and give mentorship on how to use leadership, counseling, motivation and communication skills effectively.

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