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How to be a Leader without Being Bossy

December 2, 2019

Being bossy at work doesn’t work. It may seem like you’re getting things done, but your bossiness hurts team morale and reduces employee loyalty and commitment. The good news is, you can change this. There are plenty of ways to improve your leadership and be a fantastic boss.


Value the Individual

It’s easy to focus on productivity levels and forget to pay attention to the people who are making those returns and bottom line happen. If you value your people, though, that improves productivity levels and employees will work harder. If you want returns, don’t chase after them. Help your employees do their best, and the rest will follow.


Talk to Your Team

Make it a habit to consult your team about decisions that affect them. For instance, if you’re going to replace an office tool, hear them out. Knowing that their opinions are valued makes them appreciate the company and you even more.


Tell Them Why

Explain why the changes at your company need to. If there are requests from upper management about changing the way they do their jobs, let them know why it matters in the big picture. That makes them feel like they’re a part of the process and the company’s growth.


Treat Them Like People

Your employees aren’t robots, so that they won’t run at a hundred percent all the time. If you have under-performing employees, reach out to them. Do they need a break? Maybe you’ve been working them too hard. Are there issues that affect their work? Have they been sick? Ask them.


Learn People Skills

A lot of bosses get promoted because of their technical skills. If that’s you, but you sorely lack people skills, consult with a leadership coach. A good coach can help you develop skills valuable in connecting with people.


Pick the Right Coach

Do your homework, so you’ll know which coach suits you. If you think personal issues are holding you back in achieving your goals, get a coach who can help you sort through them, and overcome them. If you need help managing your time or don’t have any goals you want to achieve, talk to a life coach.

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