Episode 2 – Go Getter

October 13, 2018

Who is the Guest?: Suzuki Ingerslev is an architect by training, having earned her degree from UC Berkeley, where she then went on to practice in both Los Angeles and Vienna Austria. However, she found her true calling in Hollywood, where she has been enjoying the last 26 years as an Art Director and Production Designer.


Suzuki has worked with prominent directors including, Spike Lee, Alan Ball, Marc Forester and Kathy Bates to name a few. And she has a long list of accomplishments including 3 nominations for ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards and 13 Emmy Award nominations. But her most recognizable work is probably her designs on popular the popular shows Six Feet Under, Shark, In Treatment, Here and Now, and True Blood.


New Skills & Knowledge: Suzuki has taken enormous risk to turn her vision, quite literally, into reality. She talks about the importance of being shameless, in a positive way, as means of eliminating the fear of rejection and putting her ideas up against the best designers in the world.

  • Learn what it means to be shameless in a good way
  • Tips for perseverance in the face of adversity
  • Performing under high stress, high pressure environments
  • Accepting feedback and building a team of mentors


Cool Links & Tools:
Episode’s tools: Be Shameless
Instagram: @suzukiingerslev

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