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11 Successful People Who Had Coaches

November 2, 2019

When we see successful celebrities, we often assume that they became who they are and got to the point that they’re at by being naturally better at things than the rest of us. However, this isn’t usually the case. Celebrities are humans, too!
So, how do our favorites famous folks get to the top and handle the challenges life hands them? With the help of lifestyle coaching and mentors, of course!
Here are eleven celebrities who had life coaching help along the way to the top:

Chuck Liddell

Liddell is known as one of the best fighters in the MMA, and both his physical and mental prowess are often credited to working with a life coach.

Andre Agassi

During his career, Agassi moved from the 126th-ranked tennis player to the number-one player in the world. He accredits most of this to his life coach.

Von Miller

Von Miller is known for having been a star linebacker for the Denver Broncos – and then facing major trouble with law enforcement. However, life coaching helped him straighten out his path and begin moving forward in a positive direction to help others do the same.

Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce rose to fame with “The Partridge Family”, only to struggle personally and professionally for years afterward. He attributes life coaching with helping him overcome his many demons and is now a life coach himself.

Nia Long

A successful actress for over two decades, Nia Long credits life coaching with more than her professional success. She also attributes her personal happiness and fulfillment to the coaching she has received over the years.


What does a band need with a life coach? Between feuds within the group and many personal and professional issues, life coaching was put to work in earnest in helping the band harmonize again and work together peacefully.

Serena Williams

From overcoming injuries to dealing with the racial bias inherent to her sport, Serena Williams has had much to face in her career. Her life coach has helped her all along the way.

Bill Clinton

During his presidency, Bill Clinton sought the support of a life coach for both personal and professional reasons. This helped him become one of the most popular and successful politicians in the last hundred years, despite many bumps in the road.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman specifically sought out a renowned life coach that many other celebrities had great success with, and has since called his coach a guiding light in his life.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Though DiCaprio is very private about having worked with a coach, his achievements speak for themselves.

Oprah Winfrey

Perhaps the most famous woman in the modesrn world, Oprah Winfrey had some help on her way to the top. She credits her life coach with helping her through the ups and downs and now advocates for life coaching to help others do the same.
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