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3 Secrets to Impressing Hiring Managers

October 3, 2019

Hiring managers are a tough crowd to impress. If you’re going to an interview and you want to make a great impression, here’s what you need to know to make them want to hire you. No, it’s not a long list of credentials and achievements, though that won’t hurt either. Stop obsessing over what the right answers to those tricky questions should be. Instead, focus on how you say them.


Show Your Interest

Show them you’re interested. Your body language should reflect that, so lean in, literally. Ask questions. If you look sleepy, tired, and you’re distracted, that’s going to send the wrong impression, one that will cut you out of the hiring shortlist. Also, don’t answer any phone calls. Keep your phone mute before you step inside. Nothing is more embarrassing than hearing your “Macarena” ring tone in the middle of the interview and having to turn off your phone because you’ve got a call.


Be Quick on Your Feet

You want to move the conversation along. That’s hard to do if it takes you more than a few seconds or longer to answer a question. If you’re nervous, practice. Prepare answers for typical hiring questions that ask about your credentials, hobbies, interests, job experience, and more. Having those answers ready will have you answering those questions quickly and confidently. That will come across and create the impression that you’re confident, skilled, and ready to take on challenges at work. If you still have a tough time, though, get help. Hire a leadership coach in Phoenix, AZ. With expert guidance, you’ll learn to be quick and confident on your feet, qualities that will make a difference in your next hiring interview.


Demonstrate Positivity

At the end of the interview, you want the hiring managers to say “yes” to the prospect of hiring you. Make that happen not just by being positive throughout the interview; instead, make an effort to turn the experience into a positive one for your hiring managers. That’s going to stand out. Remember, they’ve probably been at this all day. Make them think about how awesome it would be to have you as their colleague by answering questions with a positive mindset. If that’s the work culture of the company, you’ll fit right in. Have a hard time being positive, though? Call Hundred Life Design and get an effective leadership coach in Phoenix, AZ to help you develop a positive attitude and mindset.

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