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5 Marks of a Great Manager

August 12, 2019

Toxic bosses drive top notch employees away. And that isn’t cheap. Losing good people costs the company more in hiring, training, and onboarding expenses. That’s why managers play an important role in talent retention. If you think you aren’t doing a good job of retaining the people on your team, then get help. Recognizing positive behaviors is one way to turn things around. Here are five marks that tell you if you’re a great manager or not.

You Support Your People

Employees trust you more if they believe you have their back. If you actively show your support and find ways to make their jobs easier or stand up for your team when the going gets tough, that improves employee engagement and performance.

You Keep Your Cool

It’s hard to keep your cool when you’re dealing with a crisis, but it’s even more important to stay calm during those moments. If you let your temper get the better of you, you could say something you’ll regret. Having a hard time? Get a life coach. A good coach will teach you how to get your anger or emotions under control.

You Lead by Example

Few people get to be an excellent manager right off the bat, not without help and training. By hiring a business coach, though, you can learn concepts and ideas that can shape your habits and teach you how to be a better leader. When you’ve got the basics down, leading by example is going to be easier for you.

You’re Engaged

Leaders care. They pay attention to their employees. They’re genuinely interested in what each person on the team has to say. You can’t fake that authenticity. But you can teach yourself to ask. You can learn to listen better. That can help you build a better level and quality of engagement with your team.

You Don’t Stop Learning

Leaders don’t stop learning. They want to find other ways to improve themselves. Don’t let fear and anxiety stop you. Those are roadblocks to your learning process. Eliminate those roadblocks. Talk to a life coach and get someone to help you through the process. You can achieve a lot more if you have the support you need.

Exceptional leaders aren’t born—they’re made. Help yourself get better. Hiring Hundred Life Design for a life coach is a step in the right direction.

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