Conversations with the unconventionally successful.

Episode 79 – Nick Capozzi

November 9, 2020

Nick is a highly experienced sales, marketing, and operational executive specializing in revenue growth, sales training, team building and organizational culture with proven experience across a variety of industries including Travel & Tourism, Cruise Industry Retail, Luxury Goods, Home Remodeling and Construction Products.


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Episode 78 – Michael D. Goodman

October 27, 2020

Now in his mid-fifties, Michael Goodman is a seasoned and innovative sales leader. He has spent years refining the craft of selling by developing quick, persuasive, and dignified language that greatly improves the odds of closing any sale. Always among the top sales leaders of any company, Michael recognized the imperative to generate as much revenue as possible in the shortest amount of time—with the least amount of effort. He has consistently improved profits for himself and for his organization.

Michael also discovered that the model that works for sales works for life. This is a means of communicating with others, improving the structure of your conversation to help friends and loved ones come to decisions of meaning and value. Not mere salesmanship, this is effective communication bolstered by understanding and motivation rather than slick manipulation or generic persuasion tactics. What works for building revenue also works for leading families, companies, and teams.

Overcoming several obstacles on his way to success, Michael discovered many things that work—and a whole lot more that do not. Through Revenue Kinetics, Michael imparts his smartest and most effective selling models. In the course of over ten years in private practice, Michael has helped thousands of sales professionals achieve success as well.

Michael has rejuvenated a number of sales organizations, improving revenue by 80% or more in less than twenty-four months. Through effective recruiting, training, and management, Michael launched an elite new division at one company that was able to achieve rapid sales successes at a level of efficiency that was revolutionary for that organization. With expertise and dedication, Michael has worked with management teams and sales professionals and proved a capacity to create repeatable, scalable success for small to medium-sized businesses across the country.

Now, with the aid of the John Maxwell Partnership, Revenue Kinetics, LLC is powerfully configured to support leadership and sales in almost any organization, and to do so with dignity, integrity, and efficiency.

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Episode 77 – Tammy Neslund

October 13, 2020

From Tammy:

I started by fitness journey in 2001 when I was 39 years old. I remember working out with a personal trainer and I called myself “skinny fat” because I weighed 108 and literally had no muscle. I remember crying getting my body fat taken and realizing that I needed to change my lifestyle.

From that day forward I began competing and became an International Federation bodybuilder, PRO.   My journey of course had set backs, challenges, and dark days but I continued moving forward in my seasons. I love helping others find their path in a life of eating clean and a living a healthy lifestyle.

I thank God everyday for my experiences and connection with others.  I graduated esthetics school on January 24, 2019, went to Cosmetic Laser School immediately after and graduated, and changed my career at the age of 56 because I want to help woman and men with not only their fitness goals but also their skin concerns as they both go together.



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Episode 76 – Matt Mounier

September 22, 2020

From Matt:
I'm not a special story. Actually, what makes my story special is how not special it was supposed to be. In high school, I received over a 4.0 and was a top-ranked player in the county. I knew I wasn't a high major D1 prospect but this allowed me to open more doors.

I decided to attend Whitman College, nicknamed the Harvard of the west. I was going to go to school, be in a program that had players overseas and get an amazing education. I figured that I would enjoy my time, continue to focus on sports and school, and when I walked across the stage with my diploma I would be ready for my life after sports.
I decided that I would probably have a steady job. Reach middle management before I was 30. Have plenty of money and live an above-average life.

Lucky for me. That couldn't have been further from the truth.

I remember feeling lost, hopeless, stagnant without my sport. I lost my identity, my purpose, my passion and it felt like I had no one to talk to about it.

That's my mission. To prevent this from happening. I'm creating post athlete phenoms in the real world.

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Episode 75 – Marcus Zacher

September 8, 2020

From Marcus (English Translation):

I am an engineer and work in the development of lithium-ion batteries for a car manufacturer in southern Germany. Sports cars still impress me. But also the Toyota Prius. And everything that an electric machine has on four wheels.

And that's exactly what I want to report on. About electric mobility in general. About the cars and the technology, the challenges and problems, opportunities and risks, the future and the past.

In doing so, I will consciously not only comment on current events, but also report on things with distance and deliberation. In addition, I will give compact insights into electric mobility and share it with you. I would like to show you that a new generation of mobility is developing: the generation of electricity.


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Episode 74 – Hart Steen

August 26, 2020

Hart Steen knew early on that he was created to empower others to discover their unique voice deep within and help unlock their purest forms of expression. Through this purpose, he established professional success in a broad range of industries from Entertainment to Technology as an Entrepreneur, Personal Coach, Business Consultant, Speaker, Writer, Musician, Composer, and Photographer. As a founder and modern-day Renaissance man, Hart has a passion for startups and established businesses, teaching them how to navigate the ambiguity that comes with entrepreneurship in today’s world. His calling has taken him cross country, providing an adventure with all the twists and turns a great story requires.

Early in his career, Hart was immersed in the Nashville and L.A. music industry, creating music for organizations like State Farm and The National Guard and writing songs that were televised on ABC and NBC networks. His creative work was also showcased on CMT’s Can You Duet. He collaborated with artists on American Idol, The Voice, Big Machine and Republic Records, and film composers of major motion films, Rush and Christopher Robin. His featured song and voice can be heard on the John Cusack film, Drive Hard.

In tandem, Hart successfully built and ran the telecommunications and infrastructure design firm, IT Diversified, partnering with billion-dollar brands such as NCR, McDonalds, Whole Foods, William Sonoma and Office Depot for projects throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. He’s trained on communication and leadership for Landmark Worldwide, a leader in personal and professional development. He currently consults and mentors business owners in a variety of industries on culture and building impactful companies.

Hart is currently authoring the book, “The Vessel,” an innovative guide to building ideas into businesses. It provides the critical framework for every stage of an entrepreneur’s journey to thrive in the unknown. He is happily married to his wife of 10 years, and they are raising their two sons in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Episode 73 – Tami Sharp

August 20, 2020

Tami Sharp is a Certified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master specializing in Mind-Body Wellness and Integrative Holistic Healing. She is the founder and creator of Unshakable Roots LLC, where she works one-on-one and in group settings with clients seeking their own answers into the dis-ease, discomfort and unhappiness in their lives.

With a deep understanding and knowledge of many healing modalities which Tami received from the award winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, she has chosen to focus is on Mind Body Transformational Psychology with professional training in Aromatherapy, Law of Attraction, and Confidence Building Techniques.

Tami has utilized her life experiences, trials and tribulations to create the tools that have become her life’s work. She is passionate educating and sharing her knowledge with others.Tami believes that everyone can uncover the roots of their deeper unresolved physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.


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Episode 72 – Emmanuel Onate

August 7, 2020

Episode 72 - Emanuel Onate

Emanuel is a full time entrepreneur and founder of Complete Cleaners Co, a high-End Cleaning Service for AirBnB, Vacation Homes and Luxury Apartments.



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Episode 71 – Craig Goodmann

July 22, 2020

From Craig Himself:
I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and neuropsychologist. I have a Ph.D. in Neurobiology.
My approach is influenced not only by the world of psychology and its theories but by neurobiology and how the brain works as well. In order to create lasting and genuine change, the brain and one's thoughts must be optimized and habitually trained to think and feel positive and confident. What many psychologists neglect to include in their therapies is to aid the individual in learning how to view themselves and their abilities in a positive way, building healthy self-esteem. My therapeutic approach is aimed at empowering my clients, training them to recognize and fully actualize their inner strengths and potential. It is not enough to simply treat the symptoms, but for true mental health and personal success, I believe we need to get to the root of one's maladaptive thinking and negative view of themselves, freeing the mind and spirit to achieve true happiness and success.
This approach has the potential to enhance your performance in life and allow you to feel satisfaction and inner happiness from everything that you do! I will give you cutting edge tools and skills based on the latest advances in neuroscience aimed at maximizing the performance potential of the brain, while simultaneously strengthening and raising your self-esteem. You will learn how to attain Happiness, Love, Health, and Financial Success!


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