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How To Take Control Of Your Life

November 30, 2018

Take Control

80% of people who work regularly with a coach report increased self-confidence. Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more.


What is Life Design?


It’s You In Control. Of Everything.

Life Design is the strategic process of taking control of your life in all areas. It’s all about taking proactive steps toward actively creating the life you wish to live – anything from spending your time as you see fit, to supporting yourself while doing what you love,


You have a choice to make: Sit in the driver’s seat of your destiny or hand over the keys to your life and let it “play out.”


Only one of these two paths leads to a life of greater job satisfaction, better physical well-being, and a network of positive relationships.

What do you expect out of life?


What is a Life Designer?

More Than Just A Coach – They Walk the Talk.


The most successful, satisfied people in this world have mastered Life Design. But don’t think for a moment they did it alone! Behind every great person is a team of supportive mentors and coaches who helped steer, encourage, and propel that person to fulfillment.


Life Designers are more than just coaches. They are experts in their field with proven track records of success in their industry. Their qualifications and experience go beyond basic certifications. They have mastered Life Design and are now ready to help you do the same.


Why Work With A Life Designer?


Accelerate Your Personal Development.

There are numerous positive outcomes of working with a Life Designer. Despite the seemingly endless benefits, there are 5 in particular worthy of special mentioning. What’s more, the benefits are compounding; they build on each other – improving one area positively impacts the other four.

Discover each of the 5 advantages and ask yourself if these are qualities you would like to see more of in your own life.


(1) Stronger Creativity and Unconventional Thinking

Life Designers will challenge your comfort zone and work with you to approach your goals from an entirely different angle. They are on your team; they want you to succeed. By working with you to brainstorm and asking some “hard questions,” you will quickly find yourself developing creative solutions and fresh perspectives on whatever your task at hand.


(2) Stronger Communication Skills

This is about effectively transmitting information, expressing ideas and emotions, and connecting with others on a deeper, more meaningful level. Life Designers help you to do this by giving you insight and feedback on everything from your tone, body language, and presentation, to knowing when to stop and listen. Don’t just talk; communicate.


(3) Stronger Self Reliance & Confidence

As you begin to increase your ability to problem solve creatively and connect better with others, you  

will start to take a more active role in your daily life. You will begin to realize that you are capable of getting things done on your own, as you transition from a state of dependence to independence. Life Designers will show you how to take greater responsibility and accountability for your actions.


(4) Stronger Satisfaction & Physical Well-Being

Life Designers are here to help you tackle challenges and accomplish goals in your personal, professional, or physical life. By making adjustments to any of these domains, you will develop a higher sense of overall satisfaction. Research shows, people who are more satisfied get sick less often, report being happier, and spend more time truly living and enjoying life.


What Does It Cost?

Small Investment. Big Returns.

The price of working with a Life Designer varies depending on who you work with and for how long. But, look at it this way,  a couple hundred dollars is small price to pay for ensuring big improvements later. Over the course of a month, this could mean buying one less pair of shoes or eating at home a few more nights a week. The point is, this is a very doable investment that can potentially reward huge returns.


Getting Started
Stop Waiting. It’s Time.


Your life is your life, why let it be determined by circumstance? Taking the first step toward positive change begins with your mindset. The benefits become your reality when you decide to challenge yourself, your comfort zone, and the expectations of those around you. Shift your thinking onto your self development and decide for yourself how you want life to be.

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