Turn Setbacks into Setups

Your New Year’s Resolution Needs to Start NOW!

November 10, 2018

If you were serious about running marathon, would you?


  1. start your training months in advance
  2. wake up the day of the event, put on your shoes, and casually show up to the starting line.


The answer is obvious— because option 2 is absurd. But this nonchalant, underprepared attitude is the common approach to New Year’s resolutions. Whether we choose to lose weight, kick a bad habit, change a relationship, or get a new job, we often don’t even begin to think about what it is we want to do until the end of December.


That alone is problematic because it implies we’ve really only mentally prepared ourselves for maybe a week or so. And then New Years happens. We waste a day or two recovering and slowing getting ourselves back into the grind of daily life.


At this point it’s now several days into January and you finally show up at the gym or begin rewriting your resume. Like most things in life, it’s mind over matter. And let’s be honest, in this moment, how strong is your mindset?


New Year’s resolutions often fail because of poor timing and a serious lack of mental preparation. But there’s good news! We’ve put together some tried and true techniques for ensuring your resolution becomes a permanent change.


First: Decide Early

Making a change requires a shift in your thinking, as well as a lot of motivation and perseverance. The last thing you want is to go through mental hurdles on day one. Start thinking about what you want to change now, so come the new year, your head is already in the game.


Second: Pay Attention

Now with your resolution in the back of your mind, you will start to become very aware of your undesired behavior and its triggers. It’s important to know when temptation comes knocking and what causes it. Managing provocative situations are essential to your resolution’s follow through.  


Third: Make Necessary Preparations

Eliminate all possible excuses! Want to hit the gym but don’t have the right shoes? Make sure to buy them before training day. Get things in order before you start day one of your resolution. This forces you to commit early and reduces your chances of “getting distracted.”


Forth: The Clock Starts January 2nd

You are allowed to have fun on New Years Eve! Just don’t have so much fun that you’re still a wreck two days later. January 1st is a holiday, so take the time to rest, recover, and be with those you love. But come January 2nd, its time to grind!


This could be your year. Don’t join the millions of people who will attempt something new only to have it fizzle out weeks later. Start preparing now, get your head in the game, send your old habit off with a bang, and welcome in the new you.


You got this!

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