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What Really Gets Me Noticed?

January 9, 2019

You’re good at your job. You clock in and out on time, you finish everything that’s put on your desk, you work late occasionally, and you don’t complain. But somehow, entry-level employees are breezing past you, getting handed raises and promotions left and right.


Or maybe you’ve been trying to decide how to “go the extra mile” (whatever that means), but you just haven’t figured out what actions are considered praiseworthy by your colleagues and bosses.


Does that sound familiar?


We’ve come a long way from the years when just doing your job earned you an automatic promotion. But it’s not always clear what you actually have to do to get noticed at work these days. Here are the two most important areas you’ll want to focus on, plus some straightforward things you can do to make people start looking your way.


Get Results


It sounds pretty simple, right? No matter what job you have, moving up the ladder depends on your efforts, and on the results of your work. But these days, there’s more to it than simply doing the bare minimum. You’ll need to go a step further if you want to get noticed at work:


  • Take Initiative. Show your bosses that you’re willing to step up to bat by sweeping up lingering tasks on their to-do lists. Plus, you definitely get bonus points for picking up a project no one else wants to do.


  • Be Curious. Reach out for personal development whenever the opportunity arises: seminars, feedback, mentoring, and more. Show an interest in new projects and developments, and make sure everyone around you knows that you’re constantly working to contribute in bigger and better ways. This way, they’ll understand you’re in it for the long run, not just for the paycheck.


Be Likeable


No one’s saying you have to win the Miss Congeniality award at work, but you do have to show an interest in more than just the wheels and cogs in the machine. After all, those employees who’ve been passing you by on their way to a promotion? They’re probably getting their work done and getting plenty of face time with others in the company.


You have to make it known that you care enough about your workplace to engage with others who work there—so when just getting the job done isn’t quite enough, here’s what you need to do next:



  • Build rapport. Essentially, you need to start networking within your own company. If you’re the type who wants to keep your head down, or if the word “networking” sends shivers up your spine, think of it this way: “networking” is simply “workplace friendship.” It’s all about forming a relationship where you can be kind to one another, supporting each other’s growth wherever you can.
  • Be Active. Once you’re done making friends with the people you work with…hang out with them! Participate in those office curriculars, like holiday parties and happy hour cocktails. This shows you’re interested in being part of the team, that you want to engage with others in the group. Just be careful not to get too casual at those events!


It may sound simple, but the best ways to get noticed stem from your workplace results and the friendships you form with those you work with. Over time, by showing you’re actively invested in learning and growing right where you are, you’ll have proven yourself a valuable asset—and one worth keeping (and promoting).

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