Turn Setbacks into Setups

Reject Average Living and Stop Settling for “Okay”

December 23, 2018

Stop Settling:

Being average, going with the flow…there’s no more powerful drug in the world.


Think about it: the world caters to people in the “mediocre” spectrum. Technological advances have made us more physically comfortable than ever, and it’s so easy to simply remain within the boundaries of our comfort zone.


We tell ourselves it’s okay, though. Most of the time, we even view life as a series of compromises in which we’ll easily and willingly “explain” our current position…in other words, we can come up with an endless amount of self-defeating excuses for why our lives are the way they are, for why we aren’t trying to reach the limits of what we’re capable of.


But it’s time to make your move. It’s time to be more.

Making Excuses with “Rationalized Mediocrity”


Justifying your less-than-ideal disposition, continuing to live it out daily without making an effort to change, avoiding personal responsibility for your own improvement…well, we like to call this “rationalized mediocrity.”


Rationalized mediocrity is responsible for average living. It makes you average, and it keeps you that way. Because when you’re too afraid to be yourself—afraid to follow your dreams, afraid to explore, afraid to try, afraid to fail, afraid of listening to your intuition, afraid of others’ opinions, and afraid of personal expression—you rob yourself of any unique, self-defining traits, and you force yourself to live an “average” life, one so many others have experienced before.


Rich or poor, that’s makes you average. But don’t you want to be more?


Stop Being “Okay”


We don’t suddenly wake up one morning and decide to stop dreaming like we did when we were children.


That doesn’t mean those wild dreams we had of being an cowboy, of meeting a dinosaur—it simply means dreaming big, reaching for something that in the moment seems almost impossible: the dream relationship we’ve secretly hoped for, the career we’ve always wanted, the personal fitness level we crave.


Somewhere along the way as we grow older, as we adapt to the world, we stop reaching for those big dreams. We slowly (and even unconsciously) decide we’re fine with being “okay,” with living a seemingly happy life right within our comfort zone. That we’re fine with being just like everyone else.


It’s time to stop being “okay.” And it’s time to stop making excuses.


So you think you’re too old or too busy to escape mediocrity. Guess what? You aren’t. It’s time to make your move.


So you think you’re not smart enough or wealthy enough to be more than average. Guess what? You aren’t. It’s time to make your move.


If you only give yourself one gift in life, it should be this: reject average living, and reject “rationalized mediocrity.” Decide to be more, to do more with your life. Decide to create, to try, to fail, and to win.


It’s time to make your move.

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