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6 Expert Tips On Negotiating A Job Offer

May 14, 2019

So you’ve finally landed the job—congratulations!


This is the part where you’re likely feeling inclined to just sign on the dotted line…but not so fast. Jumping to seal the deal right away, without negotiating the job offer, means simply accepting everything that’s being offered in terms of salary and benefits, even if they aren’t optimal. And many job seekers don’t realize they’re leaving money and perks on the table, passing up on an opportunity to receive even better terms.

When it comes to jobs, you get what you negotiate. Here’s how.


Come prepared.

Employers expect you to come with different plans for your salary. Before you meet with them, prepare by knowing what your industry peers are receiving, and by constructing a case for yourself—complete with proof as to why you deserve what you’re asking for.

As you do so, remember that it all comes back to the value you’re providing the company. As kind as the recruitment team may be, they don’t care about you: it’s all about what you can do for them, on paper. So show off your professional strengths, and make it all about what you can do to help them.


Keep an eye on your future plans.

Don’t forget that your starting salary determines your career progression. Future hiring managers will ask about your starting and ending salary, so if you’re trying to move up the ladder, you want to ensure the highest possible salary now.


Ask for more than you really want.

There are two reasons for this: if you ask for more than you’re seeking, you give yourself room to make concessions. It makes the entire outcome seem more “fair,” with each side compromising so that everyone walks away happy. And, most importantly, it helps your future employer feel like they’ve won.


Take the offer home to discuss it.

The hiring managers are going to appeal to their bosses to talk about your salary request and any perks you might have asked for, partially as a power play—so why shouldn’t you do the same? Express continued enthusiasm for the job but say you need to “talk the offer over at home” to make it clear that there’s still more negotiation to come.


Don’t forget about benefits.

Salary is often the most important part of negotiating a job offer, but be sure not to leave any desired benefits on the table. Try negotiating your professional development, job title, travel reimbursement, vacation time, working from home, schedule flexibility, sign-on bonuses, and working from home.


Stay positive and likeable through it all.

Salary negotiations don’t need to look like a hostage situation. Instead of tensing up or acting overly demanding, keep things positive and polite. Always show enthusiasm for the job and excitement about what you can do for the company, because this more than anything will convince the hiring managers that you deserve more as a valuable future employee.

In the end, both parties should walk away feeling like they’ve won—especially your employer, if you’ve done it right. If that sounds like a hard task to accomplish, make sure you’ve prepared by reading up on crucial negotiation tips. And don’t forget to book a meeting with one of our Hundred Life Design Coaches to go in feeling confident and more prepared! It might make the difference in getting what you want, versus settling for much less.

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