Turn Setbacks into Setups

Lost your job? Now what?

March 13, 2019

Here at Hundred Life Design, we’re all about turning your biggest setbacks into your greatest victories.


Sometimes, though, this can be a pretty big challenge. When you’ve suffered a recent job loss, it can send you into a downward spiral—and it may take a while to recover.


But as with everything else, it’s all about perspective. Getting laid off at work gives you the opportunity to start over again, to learn to thrive in a different way. So it’s time to pick yourself up and plan your next steps. Because when your calendar’s suddenly clear, you’re wide open for chasing new, exciting opportunities.


  1. Get your emotions out

Unfortunately, if you’re trying to cope with a job loss right away, it can actually be wiser to give yourself a little time to actually feel the loss. To some extent, you need to mourn and grieve before you can truly move on. After all, a job loss can feel personal, even if we objectively know it isn’t. We feel afraid, belittled, embarrassed, or simply hurt.


Take some time and work through those emotions. Rant about it over a beer with your friends, complain about it to your family, or sit on the couch and watch sad movies.


Then, get up and direct all that energy somewhere more productive.


  1. Give yourself some structure

The truth is, landing your next opportunity is going to take work. And it’s not completely in your control, even though you’ll be taking steady steps toward victory. While you’re unemployed, it’s easy to start feeling stressed about your wide open days, even as you try to fill them with job-related activities such as networking and applications.


Luckily, this stress goes away once you’ve taken the time to organize your time. Schedule your job-related activities, and pencil in any interviews or meetings. Beyond this, make sure to make time to exercise, eat right, and sleep on a regular schedule. Studies show that having this kind of structure to your days is ideal for your general productivity and mental health.



  1. Consider big changes

Steady paychecks are wonderful for our financial security. But at the same time, they sometimes keep us from pursuing our true passions in life. If you’ve lost your job, this might actually be the perfect moment to take a step toward one of your dreams, or toward any greater happiness you’ve had in mind.


Think back to the things you may have wanted to do in the past. Seeking additional training and certifications? Going back to school? Stepping down another career path entirely? Leave yourself open to these options, and consider whether it’s time to make a leap.


  1. Be bold

Now is the time to confidently reach out for the opportunities you want. Even if you feel afraid of rejection or failure, the truth is that the worst outcome is for a potential employer to say no. But there’s nothing to lose by trying. This is your moment to be bold, to chase any opportunity that peaks your interest, and to be open to possibilities.


In today’s job market, most of us have been touched by job loss in one way or another. If you’ve been there, you know it hurts. But don’t forget that in spite of your emotions, it’s nothing personal. And it’s the perfect opportunity to make plans for your next bold moves, with a little perspective.


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