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Greg Feinberg

Navigating Change For Growth: Starting a New Business or Profession

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Sometimes we change because we want to. Sometimes we change because we have to. Mr. Feinberg has done both, numerous times. He knows how to navigate the debilitating fear and make the key life changes that lead to true professional, personal and financial growth. Mr. Feinberg has moved from law to medical diagnostics to packaging, branding, sales and now mental health. Each time leading to new and successful ventures and more importantly, personal growth.

After eight unfulfilling years as a litigator, Greg Feinberg was general counsel for a private medical diagnostic company and was subsequently promoted to general counsel for Fisher Healthcare, a billion-dollar public company.

Mr. Feinberg then moved to his in-law’s packaging company, growing the business by 100% in a little over four years. After his divorce and accompanying termination, Mr. Feinberg had to start over from scratch. He formed Aisle 9, a branding, marketing and sales organization specializing in retail CPG brands. Over the next 10 years, Mr. Feinberg grew Aisle 9 into one of the foremost agencies for new retail brands, representing clients from around the world. Mr. Feinberg sold Aisle 9 in 2017.

Mr. Feinberg helped develop and build ROWI Teen and Parent Wellness Centers. Within the last three years, Mr. & Dr. Feinberg have grown ROWI into the premier teen mental health wellness program, with four locations throughout Southern California.


  • President and Co-Founder of ROWI Teen and Parent Wellness Centers
  • Former President & CEO of Aisle 9 Group
  • 15+ Year Member of Young Presidents' Organization
  • Former President of Marfred Industries
  • Former General Counsel for Fisher Healthcare


  • Embrace Change - Time to Start Something New

    Change is difficult for a reason. Only the strongest can change. Only change can lead to growth, both professionally, personally and financially. I can help you make the change or the leap to the next level.

  • Want to Start a New Business or Profession?

    Some only talk about the next step. Many wish they could start a business or switch professions. I have changed professions and started several new businesses...all successful. I can guide you through the journey.

President at Styleworks Design Group, Inc

Greg is a talented strategic thinker that also executes very well. Greg was the visionary behind Vyant, the first Manufacturing-based Marketing firm specializing in concept-to-shelf for consumer products. While President of Marfred Industries (Vyant's parent company), Greg was responsible for diversifying the company geographically as well as vertically through multiple acquisitions.
— Brian P. X. Malloy

SVP, Marketing at DRINKS

With Greg's background in business and law, he is uniquely qualified to run and build any business. During his time at Marfred he acquired 4-5 companies and successfully integrated them into the Marfred business, significantly increasing overall revenue. He will be an asset to any organization.
— Michael Rogers

Owner, The Printing Connection

Greg is a great communicator with great skills to manage, motivate and implement his unique vision for creating great opportunities for the companies he works for. Personally, I've enjoyed seeing Greg put forward a terrific business model that will succeed everywhere he goes.
— Henry Steenackers

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