Debra Funston
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Debra Funston

Personal Mentor and Mindset Coach

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." ~ Babe Ruth

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Never stop fighting to get up again.
Success comes from choosing to continue on.
I have served as a law enforcement officer for over 30 years and currently serve as a Chief of Police. It has provided me with a platform of professional experience to draw from. I serve on multiple state boards yet gain the most joy in serving my community. I am a mother of three and a grandmother of four and enjoy skiing, fishing, paddle boarding and photography.
I have experienced many successes in life and endured painful chapters during my life journey. I want you to know you are not alone in your struggle. I am here to listen and offer ideas to help you move forward in life whether it is career oriented or a personal struggle that is keeping you from the life you desire.
I am here to walk beside you as you discover opportunities, create a plan, push fear to the side and adopt the mindset to make it happen. Many of us, including myself, have put ourselves and our fears in the way of achieving the things we want. I would like to help you rediscover your strengths and create a healthy balanced lifestyle that makes sense to you. I look forward to meeting you!


  • Mother, Grandmother, Athlete, Survivor
  • Awarded Medal of Honor and Medal of Meritorious Service
  • Chief of Police, Thirty-three year law enforcement career
  • Bachelor Criminal Justice Administration - Columbia Southern University
  • Master Public Administration - Columbia Southern University


  • Leadership

    I will work with you to lead by example and discover tools you have to inspire and motivate your team to do good ethical work.

  • Life/ Work Balance

    I will work with you to create balance in your total life. Yes, you can have it all!

  • Motivation and Self Confidence

    I will help you to discover what motivates you, and empowers you to gain the self confidence to achieve your goals.

  • Change

    Change can be scary. Change sparks growth. I will help you learn how to embrace change as a natural part of life.

  • Setting and achieving goals

    I will help you break down the barriers that get in the way and assist you in developing a plan to meet your objective.

  • Career Advancement

    I will help you get the attitude for success and build a plan to move upward in your organization or work towards the career of your dreams.

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