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Lorenzo Tencati

Investor / Entrepreneur / Management Coach

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Lorenzo is a serial entrepreneur and an impact investor.

He started his career at Bain & Company, working mostly for Bain Private Equity practices in Milan and Paris.
As an entrepreneur, Lorenzo has been working across Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe for more than a decade.

Lorenzo is a member of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) since 2014, he holds an MBA from the London Business School and a Master's and Bachelor degree in Industrial engineering from Politecnico di Milano.

Over the years Lorenzo co-founded and is still a Director of Singular Group (a management consulting firm focused on Emerging Markets) and Winterberg Group (a private equity investing firm focused on growth capital in Central Europe).

Lorenzo also founded and manages LTH Group since 2015. LTH is an active impact investing firm pursuing opportunities mostly related to women-founded businesses, Italian entrepreneurs growing internationally and African Tech.


  • Co-Founder & Senior Partner at Singular Group
  • Co-Founder & Executive Director at Winterberg Group
  • Member of YPO Johannesburg Chapter
  • Member of Enterprise 100


  • Business Strategy

    My involvement in Enterprise 100 has given me the opportunity to bridge the gap between the entrepreneurial, academic and commercial worlds. Conveying these specific experiences will help my clients gain valuable knowledge

  • Management Consulting

    Through my experiences in identifying and tackling challenges businesses face, I will give my clients the necessary knowledge to incorporate organizational changes to help improve the longevity & performance of their workflow

  • Due Dilligence

    Whether you're starting a new business, investing in companies, or signing contracts & agreements, I will help my clients identify key areas and potential red flags within their given circumstances

  • Entrepreneurship

    A majority of entrepreneurs have similar sets of skills enabling the success and longevity of their business ventures. I work closely with clients to establish and utilize applicable skills for growth and consistent results

Director at Värde Partners

I had the pleasure to work with Lorenzo on a 5-months entrepreneurial venture in which he was the team leader. Since the beginning Lorenzo managed the workload of the team with excellent project managing capabilities. Moreover, he also set the strategic guidelines of the project, demonstrating both business perspective and managerial skills. Finally, he also demonstrated to be a trustworthy and enjoyable colleague. Therefore, I feel confident in recommending Lorenzo to any recruiter.
— Matteo Masi

Mid Market Private Equity

I have been Lorenzo’s colleague at Bain for almost 3 years. He has always been highly respected by his colleagues and, as a consequence, was often delegated significant responsibilities. This was mainly due to his mix of relational skills, hard competencies and charisma. Lorenzo is willing to run the ‘extra mile’, driven by his commitment to results. He is also able to motivate people along the way through his enthusiasm and his talent for developing relationships with clients. Lorenzo has a very collaborative approach; the effectiveness of this attitude is testified by the trust and friendship he has built internally at Bain. He has often the right words to cheer up teammates in tough times!
— Tommasomaria

Director - TMT Investment Banking at Barclays

I’ve had the privilege of working with Lorenzo for over a year and a half – he’s one of the most talented people I know. Lorenzo’s abilities to think strategically and out-of-the-box, execute on assignments, and genuinely connect with people are exceptional.

When working with Lorenzo, three virtues are instantly apparent and can serve any firm. First, he is almost religiously structured and analytical in the way he executes his work. Second, he is super-fast in understanding the fundamentals, bottlenecks and challenges facing businesses. Third, and most importantly, he has a unique personal style and calmness under pressure which make his project leadership skills especially compelling.
— Tom Erlich

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