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Barry Snyder

Entrepreneur & Business Coach

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I have had a varied and diverse career path with a number of phases, spending over 25-years in the Los Angeles and New York film and entertainment industry. I began my career at large corporate Studio's including Sony-Columbia/Tri-Star and Warner Bros. In 2000, I was tapped as CEO of Post Logic Studios to re-structure, grow and position the company for sale. Finally, I became an entrepreneur by launching my own media and entertainment company. MediaMine. We work with content owners to help them create unrealized value with their legacy assets.

I have always had P&L and capital budget responsibility. My leadership and operational skills are at the forefront of my business philosophy and I have overseen workforces from 15 to 150 employees. I am also an adjunct professor on faculty at my alma mater, Indiana University’s west coast satellite, UCLA’s Extension Program and as a guest lecturer at USC. I am a regular on the convention speaking and expert panel circuit and have written extensively about Media, Entertainment and Technology. I volunteer with the Los Angeles Social Venture partners as a “coach” and mentor and am an active member of YPO/WPO.


  • Indiana University Media School, Adjunct Professor in Residence.
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Adjunct Professor.
  • Speaker and Industry Panelist - Digital Hollywood, Henry Stewart Conferences, and Createsphere.
  • Los Angeles Social Venture Partners
  • Chairperson and Education Chairperson, YPO Beverly Hills
  • Published writer: Los Angeles Business Journal, Post Magazine and Mix Magazine.


  • Revenue Growth

    During my time as a VP for Warner Bros, and later CEO of Post Logic Studios, I've consistently driven annual double-digit EBITDA growth, including a $9 million to $27 million revenue growth over a 4 year period.

  • Media and Technology Innovator

    My digital media background gives me an unique perspective about the importance of increasing accessibility to STEM education programs so our students can compete in the evolving global economy.

  • Deal Making and Negotiations

    Networking and relationships are the heart of any organization and have concentrated on sales, marketing, fundraising, and strategic partnerships that have benefited each of the companies with which I have been with.

  • Branding and Market Analysis

    I have a deep understanding of how digital technology & business feed creative potential and brand power. I can help examining a brand, product, service or business idea and it's go to market plan.

  • Entertainment Corporate Executive

    For those interested in executive leadership or careers / business ideas in the film, media, or entertainment industry, I have extensive knowledge on these topics and a track record to back it up.

  • Joint Ventures and Alliances

    These always sound good at first, but can get messy real fast if one does not take the necessary precautions beforehand. Learn from my mistakes and experiences; make sure your partnerships end up successful!

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