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Kevin Black

Leadership Expert | Forbes Coach | Speaker | Author

"I develop leaders that chief executives want."

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PRICE: $350 / Hour


Do you want to rapidly improve your performance and go to the next level? Do you want accelerate the value of your leaders and teams? Do you want greater recognition, and maybe bigger paychecks too? I can help.

My leadership coaching and consulting services are first-class; that’s why I’m a member of Forbes' Coaches Council. One high-potential manager improved her performance – and her chances for promotion – by 20% in a matter of weeks. I work with entrepreneurs and companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 5, including LifeLock, Medtronic and McKesson. Overall, I’ve helped create over $500 million dollars of value.

When we work together, you also recieve:
- Access to a special online course, "Fog of War: A Leaders Guide to See Through It and Better Drive Strategy."
- Access to a MasterMind group, with monthly one-hour sessions covering a variety of topics, to inlude how to use Netflix as a learning resouce.
- A clear value proposition to help differentiate you from your peers and competitors.
- Potentially new branding activities, to include publishing articles or book outline.


  • Member, Forbes Coaches Council
  • First Consultant to Win LifeLock® CEO/Lockman Award
  • Veteran, US Army Captain (O-3)
  • Graduate, Virginia Military Institute
  • MBA, WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University
  • Mentor, WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University
  • Author of upcoming book, "Managing Chaos: The Emergent Leader"


  • Strengths and Behavior Mastery

    You must know exactly who you are as a leader, in respect to natural leadership and communication styles. Many tools today are not sufficient, despite their popularity. I use the best. It's easy, scientific and just awesome.

  • Quickly Improve Performance

    Deploy the tools and techniques often earmarked for elite leader programs and high performers. I have a wide array of resources to help you quickly align your team, improve your communication, and better drive strategy.

  • Improve Communication Skills: Informal and Formal

    The ability to articulate your ideas can mean the difference between professional stagnation and promotion. Let me help you hone your written word and oral presentation skills. Show your peers, and your boss, how it's done!

  • Argument: Build Credibility by Defending Ideas

    Yes, learn how to constructively argue. Too many leaders and executives compromise their reputations because they can't defend their ideas. Learn: create a position, communicate it, two lines of defense and the offense.

  • Measuring Leader Effectiveness

    Take the fluff out of leadership development, and learn how to think like an executive when assessing leader quality. Let's create a baseline to measure how you'll increase leader bench-strength for your team and the company!

  • Boost Personal Branding

    No one can champion your knowledge and expertise like you can. Let's boost your brand, and promote you and your value by helping you publish professional articles, create awesome podcasts, or even write a book.

Founder, Former Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board, LifeLock®

“Kevin’s leadership and strategy program played a significant role in our meteoric ascent.”
— Todd Davis

Manager, Medtronic

"Kevin's coaching is lifechanging. I'm responsible for 30 FTEs and 11 direct reports and over $20 million dollars of operations. With Kevin's help, I increased my effectiveness as a manager by 20% in less than two months. He was instrumental in helping me increase my quarterly engagement scores for team by an average of 21%, over three different categories. On a personal note I have greatly increased my self-confidence as a manager. Because of my growth I'm now being mentored by two VPs. Kevin played an enormous role in that. I can't recommend him enough."
— Jodi M.

Special Projects, Unitex

“Kevin’s professional insight regarding my career decisions, especially my recent venture into publishing fiction, is of top-notch value to me. After discussing with Kevin my approach to pitching an agent, he provided clear and sound advice on how to write a section of my pitch letter. The letter was a success: the agent expressed great interest in my writing and asked for a full manuscript! It’s hard to imagine a better start for my writing career, and I’m thrilled that Kevin was a positive driver for it.”
— Mike L.

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