The Process

What to Expect in Your First Session

It’s normal to have a lot of questions about coaching. You’re wondering everything from how it works, to what to expect, to what will actually happen during your first call. Your first coaching session is much more than an introduction to your coach — it puts your aspirations in motion.


That’s why so many people who are new to life coaching are so surprised by their first session. Our coaches are serious about helping you meet your goals, right from the get-go. We know you have a lot of questions, so here’s what you should expect in your first session.

First Session Expectations

Personal Deep Dive

Get clarity on where you’re at and where you want to go.

Perspective Shift

Adjust your thinking, attitudes, and beliefs for the change you’re after.

Action Planning

Create realistic and achievable goals to put your aspirations in motion.

Accountability and Follow Up

Work regularly with your coach to ensure your success.

Personal Deep Dive

More Practical Than You Assumed

In your first session, you’ll be given tangible takeaways to help you understand what to expect in your next session and how progress will be measured. If you need help with your finances, expect money-management tools from your first session. Are you starting your own business? Don’t be surprised if you leave your first session with a startup roster to ensure you’ve got your basics covered. Your coach will have a plethora of tools and resources for you from day one.


Perspective Shift

A New Set of Eyes

One of the best gifts a coach can give you is a different and unbiased perspective. You’re human — it’s natural to see a situation with only one outcome and for your emotions to invent limitations that aren’t actually there. A professional coach is able to help you reframe your situation, discover hidden problems, and most importantly, provide you actionable counsel to resolve your issue. These perspective shifts are refreshing and will do wonders for your goals.



Action Planning

Put Your Goals into Motion

The simplest and most important part of your first session is listing your goals. It’s a known fact that people who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them than those who don’t. Writing down your goals helps you think about and physically see what you want to achieve. This might take a while, and that’s okay! It’s worth it as you’ll have something physical to constantly remind you of what you want to accomplish and what you’ve already achieved.



These goals aren’t just for you. Your coach takes them as seriously as you do and will work to help you meet them. In fact, part of their process is checking in on these goals during every session to ensure you stay focused on them. They’ll be there to celebrate with you when you achieve your goals and guide you when you struggle to meet them.

Accountability and Follow Up

We give you the support. You get the results!

Your coach will be dedicated to keeping you accountable and checking in on your progress, meaning you won’t just be hearing from him or her during your sessions. You can expect a coach who’s invested in your goals and cares about your results. Your input is invaluable, which is why you’ll receive an email after each session asking for your feedback. It’s important that you fill this out because it lets us know how to help you and our coaches. Tell us what you loved and what needs improvement. We’re dedicated to providing you the best online coaching experience, and that’s only possible with your feedback.



We’ll also remind you to sign up for your next session! Regular coaching is proven to enhance your life, so we encourage you to stay consistent, that way you can see results.

Get Started

Our coaches want to work with people like you — people who are serious about meeting their life and professional goals, but need some help getting there. Whether you’re climbing the career ladder, need to improve your interrelationships, or starting a brand new journey, our coaches are here to give you their expert advice and help you make the best decisions. Your long-term goals may be weeks or months away, but you’ll notice positive changes even in your daily life because of coaching.

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