Kathy Sarafian
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Kathy Sarafian

Executive Coach, Ex-CEO, Expert at soft skills that drive the hard numbers

Lasting positive change is 20% insight (Coaching) and 80% Mental Muscle. My work includes a 1 year "complimentary" app-assisted program that achieves the 80% Mental training to create lasting results. Look forward to making a difference for you! .

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PRICE: $400 / Hour


My work is powered by 25 years of executive experience, 10,000 hours of “applied” leadership training and Positive Intelligence (PQ) Technology to produce lasting change. In one session you will acquire valuable insights and if you like to continue, my coaching program focuses on a central operating system that will help you achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE, PEACE OF MIND/WELLNESS & HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.

As a former President/CEO, I have a proven track record of achieving best in class results in all my leadership roles. What is my secret sauce? Investing in and managing my own and my team's positivity levels. Establishing a "growth mindset practice" an organizational habit. Creating a “Coaching Culture”...in short, mastering the soft skills that drive the hard numbers.

From a business standpoint my core competency is in Sales, Marketing and Strategy even though, I have for the last 15 years, been responsible for all functional areas. I have had experience in Public/Corporate as well as Private/Entrepreneurial organizations. The most fulfilling aspect of my leadership roles in all the years was the coaching and development of my executive teams and employees.


  • Co-Active & Positive Intelligence Coach Training
  • Member of the Board of Directors for Kensington Health
  • Education Events Chair for YPO Canada National Board
  • Networking & Forum Officer for YPO Chapter Board
  • MSRP (Mindful Stress Reduction Program) Training
  • YPO CEO Training Program - Harvard Business School
  • Positive Psychology Certification- North Carolina University
  • Member of the Board of Directors- “Free The Children”
  • Financial Analytics for Executives- Duke University
  • Recipient of the Michael Bond Memorial Scholarship. Math Major. 1st undgrad hired by P&G.


  • Peak Performance

    80% of people score below the minimum levels of mental fitness for peak performance and happiness. With breakthroughs in neuroscience, you can now improve performance and productivity through mental fitness, let's connect!

  • Peace of Mind/Wellness

    There are 3 core muscles of Mental Fitness to take charge of your mind. Once you train to rewire your brain from the survival mind (negative) to thrive mode (positive), you will create optimal health and peace of mind.

  • Healthy Relationship

    As human beings we have mirror neurons, and by reducing your inner negative judge and strengthening your wise intuitive voice, you cause a transformative shift with others. At work and at home!

  • Sales, Marketing, & Business Development

    During tough times, having a clearly differentiated position that is ownable and sustainable is key. That coupled with constant execution of business development through strategic alliances will boost your sales to new levels

Owner and President, Environics/Lipkin

Kathy is a unique leader. She understands the big picture and the smallest detail. She loves people and they love her back. She's a coach, a confidant and a commercial champion. Her word is her bond. She is extremely loyal to her partners and she reaps the benefits of their reciprocation. She is one of my best clients, friends and role models. In a single sentence: Kathy is fabulous.
— Mike Lipkin

President, Diagnosis, Solutions & Results Inc. Consulting

Kathy's success can be related to several essential attributes. I think the two most important are her inspirational leadership style and ability to both develop and communicate a strong strategic outlook that engages her team with a common sense of purpose, desire to win and execution excellence.
— Larry Arshoff

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