Jill Perrin
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Jill Perrin

Leadership and Executive Coach, Author

“My job is to awaken possibility in other people.” Benjamin Zander, musical director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

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Q: What will you gain from a Coaching relationship with Jill?

A: Expanded Leadership Capabilities!

You'll become a stronger and more satisfied leader as we work on topics around anchoring on values, communicating vision, developing executive presence, managing complexity, driving courageous conversations, managing stress, etc. Topics and tools tailored to you.

Q: What makes Jill unique as a coach?

A: My coaching skills and acumen are grounded in 25+ years of Leadership and P/L ownership in F50 companies (Amex, GE), and a successful startup.

This business heritage informs my approach with clients ~ I have managed teams through re-organizations, market-place regulatory changes, high growth scenarios, ‘up-staffing’, down-sizing, strategic planning cycles, culture change, budgeting cycles, etc. I use these experiences as a lens for conversations with Clients.

Q: What will a coaching relationship with Jill entail?

A: My coaching style is direct, honest and kind. I believe that a Client’s values, beliefs, behaviors and blind spots are mostly known to them ~ they simply need a ‘Coach Partner’ to help them gain more clarity.

With this information we co-create Leadership growth goals and map out behavior tweaks to test and then implement should they be effective (and feel authentic to the Client). I play the role of ‘truth-teller’ and accountability partner.

Q: Who are Jill's clients?

A: Ex. ~ Sr. leaders in P/E portfolio companies, F10 D+I Leader, Emerging CPG Leader


  • Georgetown University's Institute For Transformational Leadership, Certified Coach
  • Harvard Business School, MBA
  • Stanford University, BA - Economics
  • Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Chief Talent Advisor / SVP Talent Development / SVP Client Services for successful startup, BTG
  • President, direct marketing business for GE
  • Sr. Director, American Express
  • Brand Management, General Foods


  • Partner for Clients expanding responsibilities

    I work with executives who are at a professional inflection point (ex. expanding role, newly overseeing a business unit, start-up leaders, driving culture change, etc.) and help them chart and deliver on a growth path.

  • Partner for Sr. Leaders in Transition

    I work with Senior Leaders to determine their Vision, Values and Plans as they move beyond traditional work responsibilities and roles. We develop an answer to the question "what's next that will be rewarding?"

  • Partner for Women Executives expanding 'Presence'

    I work with female professionals to navigate how they 'show up', make themselves heard, advocate effectively for themselves, find a sponsor and increase their effectiveness as they develop into Sr. Leaders.

  • Partner for Emerging Leaders / High Potentials

    I work with mid-level emerging leaders helping them define what strong leadership looks like, then identifying their strengths and values to aid their stepping into their new roles with confidence.

  • Partner for Companies Building Leadership Strength

    I work with companies to 'Expand Leadership Capabilities' within their management team via a 7-course on-line interactive educational series focused on Intentional Leadership, Managing Complexity, Courageous Conversations ++

Natural Coach with keen EQ

“Jill is a natural coach. With her keen EQ, she identifies strengths and stressors. She possesses a genuine interest in partnering and provides strong positive support while firmly guiding where development is beneficial. I am deeply grateful for her effective coaching.”
— VP, Strategic Planning for a Global Manufacturing Business

Subtle suggestions, big impact

“I was very pleased with the coaching sessions and found them to be very refreshing in terms of content and feedback. There were a few suggestions that although might have seemed subtle at the moment, resonate with me to this date. 'Be an advocate for yourself'... I will forever live by that.”
— COO, Global Services company

Increased self-awareness, strengthening professional relationships

“After going through a managerial readiness assessment at my company, I found out that there was more to being successful in business than just decision making and strategy. I started using a coach to help ensure that the perception of others around me matched the perception of who I thought I was. Jill Perrin, my coach, has been able to help me come closer to this goal. I've been able to become more self-aware of how others may interpret my actions. I've become focused on making sure I bring everyone along....”
— Sales Manager, CPG

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