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Ellen Kramer

Executive Coach - Leadership Advisor, Team Facilitator

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For leaders and achievers who seek a new level of impact and fulfillment, Coachellen is uniquely qualified to draw out your wisdom and identify your strengths and true value. Ellen has been a marketing leader for significant brands such as USA TODAY, Time Life, AOL, Blockbuster and Quiznos and as a consultant with companies like Visa and DISH during both high growth and recovery phases. Coachellen offers one-on-one coaching or team workshops that teach the tools and techniques that challenge each of us to design a vision of purpose for work and life. Certified in both Leadership Coaching and Design Thinking, Coachellen is dedicated to helping leaders accomplish what they seek and learn to coach themselves. Discover how your choices affect desired outcomes and impact others. Decide your vision of purpose, design your leadership style, develop your personal brand and achieve the future you want.


  • Certified Executive Coach, CEC, ACC-ICF
  • Certified in Design Thinking (Human-Centered Design) IDEO
  • BA, English, Duke University
  • Chief Communications Officer, Quiznos
  • SVP Marketing, AOL - 10 years


  • Fulfillment

    Imagine a workday where you feel so fulfilled, inspired, productive, useful, important, respected or purposeful that you find yourself saying, "I didn't need to get paid today." Let's find you more of those "no-pay workdays."

  • Relationships

    When we think of what we need to get ahead in life, do we stop and consider WHO we need? When meaningful and authentic relationships are developed in our work lives, these are people who can help us achieve desired outcomes.

  • Personal Branding

    Know yourself and what you want, develop a vision, a style and a purpose as you move through the world. When you discover your core and your edge, own superpowers that define your brand and what makes you valuable.

  • Leadership

    Understand that your greatest strength is what you cause to happen in others. Do you create environments for people around you to excel? Aspire to become a leader of leaders. Know yourself; become the leader you choose to be.

  • Purpose

    Using the Vision Dashboard, confirm what means the most as you choose what to do with the time you have. Develop a guide for how you move through the world, and check in with how it feels to take steps with newfound purpose.

Agency Partner

Coachellen's process of identifying my core vision and values played a key role in my personal growth. Ellen helped me redefine objectives that allow me to lead with vision and purpose.
— Jeremy

Chief Operating Officer + Sales Leader

Ellen has been a refreshing boost to refocus myself and the leadership team on the future. Open, fun, and focused on issues and challenges we address individually and together: true team-building!

Ellen brings a refreshing “been-there” approach to personal development and team effectiveness, keeping it real. Ellen has helped our team determine how to better engage, build and show-up.
— Bret + Martin

Managing Director

Thank you for the wisdom, love and courage you’ve shared these past two years. I am a different, stronger person because of you. I look forward to continuing our work in 2020!
— Wendy

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