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Karen Mcmahon

Relationship Coach

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don't have to like it... it's just easier if you do.” ~ Byron Katie

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I have a been coaching around relationships and divorce for the past 10 years. Clients have found my coaching approach a powerful and effective alternative to talk therapy. They have emerged clearer on what they want, more confident on moving through the obstacles before them and more effective in their thinking, communication and behavior.

The most common response is a sense of both freedom from past struggles and excitment about have a robust tool box developed through the coaching relationship that enables them to navigate any life difficulty effectively and strategically with grace and dignity.


  • PCC - International Coaching Federation - 2015
  • BA SUNY Stony Brook - 1989
  • CPC & ELI-MP - Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) - 2010


  • Relationship, Divorce, Spirituality

    I work with men and woman to get clear on how to end or mend their relationships, to stand on the solid ground of their spiritual beliefs to fuel their forward movement and to grow into a deep trust in their inner wisdom.

I initially found JBD through their podcast and feel in love with everything they were covering and how to take on a new way of looking at your divorce and the heartache you were in. I decided to make the leap and do a coaching call. My coach was a light in the dark for me. She asked hard questions and was a different perspective that was outside my bubble that made me keep the focus on myself and what I could control verses what was completely out of my control. She also had detailed notes after my session that I could refer back to along with resources and homework (I asked for it). Thank you for creating such a needed support for those of us on this journey.
— Meghan Wick

I can't say enough positive things about Karen and the JBD team and resources. Great articles and podcasts for reflecting on key topics, and the coaching was efficient, effective,and on point. I am thankful I found them and highly recommend. Good luck to you!
— Molly Meneely

I took advantage of the free rapid relief call since Karen mentioned it in one of the podcasts. It went so well, I paid for another session.

My work has paid tens of thousands of dollars in coaching for me over the years -- but Karen is easily the best coach that I've ever worked with. My personal financial situation made this a difficult decision to pay for a divorce coach -- but it easily came back in mental health benefits and a less acrimonious divorce process.

Some highlights of my coaching experience with Journey Beyond Divorce:
- Karen really listened carefully and took notes, which she later sent me via email
- Karen was totally action-oriented about helping me get unstuck
- Karen helped me prepare for two important divorce moments. We made a plan AND we made plans for when things would go wrong.
- Karen helped me create strategies on how to stay strong when my husband acted out
- Karen challenged me when I wasn't standing up for myself enough
- I was able to approach my problems as my best self. Even if things went wrong or didn't work out, I could look back knowing that I brought my best to the table.

At this point in my divorce process, I am able to navigate with the other resources (like the 12-step JBD program, which I would also highly recommend) -- but I am deeply grateful that I reached out to a coach when I was in the most difficult part of my divorce journey.

Although free podcasts and books ordered from amazon are great -- I really encourage anyone in the deepest and most painful parts of divorce -- to hire a coach. Don't do this alone -- you deserve support & guidance. This person helps tailor a strategy for your specific situation to get you out of a place of darkness. Karen was able to help me in ways that went beyond what my therapists or friends could do. She and the other JBD coaches combine an understanding of divorce, an attention to the broader aspects of financial/emotional/physical well-being, and a highly practical/competent approach to navigating murky waters of divorce.

At the end of the day, I think what separates JBD coaches from the other professional coaches I've worked with or ones that I see in the divorce field -- is a high degree of competence and an ability to dive deep into the root of issues. Five stars. Worth every penny and then some.
— Va Olivia

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