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Scott Hammerl

Veteran & Leadership Coach

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Credentialed and creative learning design, leadership development, and change management expert with a comprehensive list of successful engagements. Over a decade of experience designing experiential and immersive learning and leadership design environments.

Truly a global professional, having designed and conducted training in over 12 countries, Scott brings a charisma and an executive presence that engages and connects with all audiences and stakeholders. Also experienced in Change Management & Strategic Communications. Proven ability to successfully lead others, communicate with administrative and senior executives, and exceed set goals in a variety of time-sensitive, high-pressure environments.

Background includes diverse experience as a highly successful educator within prestigious educational institutions in addition to honorable military service in the United States Marine Corps as a Special Operations Scout Sniper.


  • United States Marine Corps - Special Operations Scout Sniper
  • Director of Learning and Development - Hilton Hotels
  • Seth Godin's altMBA
  • SRT1 Certificate - Seth Godin's Akimbo
  • MicroStrategy Certified
  • Deloitte Seinor Consultant
  • SAP Consultant - National Security Services
  • Former Teacher & Change Manager


  • Veteran & First Responder Coach

    I've served in the United States Marine Corps as a Special Operations Scout Sniper. I work with Veterans and people who are or have been on the front lines of critical incidents.

  • Leadership & Team Dynamics

    As the Head of Learning and Development for Hilton Hotels, I work with some of the best and brightest to turn them into even better leaders. I can help you do the same.

  • Scaling & Growing Business

    From improving your own department to rolling out a new business venture, my background in consulting for Deloitte gives me a proven track record of success of helping business grow.

  • Stress Management

    Having been in live combat, I know a thing or two about performing under stress and pressure. Even if you're not in a battle (which I hope you are not!), I will work with you to keep your head in check.

Senior Vice President Production & IT Services at The Beneficient Company Group, L.P. (BEN)

I had the opportunity to work with Scott and see his genius firsthand. Scott’s passion for teaching and knowledge sharing is unlike any other person I have met in my career. Watching him start to build his rubric for career path learning was like seeing an artist crack the code of a masterpiece. Simply applying a portion of the direction Scott is going has made me a better, leader, coach, and mentor. What Scott brings to the team is the secret sauce for success.
— Spencer Grantham

President at PayTech Trust

Scott is one of the most impressive learning and leadership professionals I’ve encountered in my career. His encyclopedic knowledge of education, human behavior, and all things related to how individuals learn is matched by his ability to inspire and motivate others to do their best. Scott has a battery of skill sets that rarely occupy the same person.
— Matt Clyne

Assistant District Attorney for New York County

Mr. Hammerl has a gift for motivating the people around him to work hard and rise to the occasion. Under his instruction, I grew as a debater, student, and human being. He excels at communication and is able to easily explain complex ideas to others.
— Angelica Tillander

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