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Jorge Welch

Entrepreneur / Business Strategy / Business Management Coach

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Executive and entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in the development and execution of business for small and large companies in Latin America, United Sates and Europe. Proven track record working across multinationals, family-owned business and startups to create, develop and execute commercial and strategic opportunities with key stakeholders.

Jorge leads all company-wide strategic initiatives, specifically focusing on the international expansion of Geo-research, capital raising / M&A strategy, and partnership development.

He has been a member of the exclusive YPO organization - Young Presidents' Organization - for approximately 9 years, having held leadership positions at the local and regional level.


  • Regional Board Member YPO / WPO
  • Former Chief Operating Officer at Business Telecommunication Services
  • Former Founder & President of Latin America Telecom Inc. Growing Revenues from $0 to over $40 Million
  • Senior Vice President at Geo-Research LATAM


  • Business Development

    The knowledge gained through my years as the Chief Operating Officer at Business Telecommunication Services has given me the opportunity to develop effective strategies for my clients to have a highly successful future

  • Telecommunications Industry Expert

    Maintaining relationships locally and internationally relies heavily on effective communication. My experiences with this industry has enabled me to provide industry specific coaching and mentoring to other professionals

  • Leadership

    Leading business developments and creating successful strategies are two very important aspects of sustaining a thriving business. The information my clients receive will help kickstart their leadership roles in the future

  • Product Management

    Integrating my experiences of operating a business with my knowledge of product management has given me the opportunity to effectively counsel other experts in similar fields and industries

Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Jorge is an international business leader with a constant drive to innovate and explore. His track record of success across various multinational corporations has enabled him to push the current organization where he works, Georesearch, to the next level. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Jorge, as he encouraged me to be creative and fast-acting in the way I identify and resolve opportunity areas. I would be thrilled to work for Jorge again in the future.
— Nicole Rojas

Strategy | Management | Digital Transformation | Consulting | Business Development | LATAM expert | EMBA

I met Jorge Welch back in the year 2003. I was new in the telecommunication business while Jorge was a Senior. The first week Jorge approached me and lent me an excellent book that explains how the USA telecommunication evolved since the AT&T times. Reading that book had a tremendous impact on my professional development. Jorge is a Senior executive with lots of experience in international markets who knows how to delegate and coach for getting the best out of you. Besides, Jorge has a unique ability to develop strategies to penetrate new markets and territories.
— Javier Macinerias

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