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Gianpaolo Turri

Business, Leadership and Life Coach

I am the Jedi of love, and I will use love to holistically impact your life.

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A true citizen of the world, with life and professional experiences in three continents and seven countries, I am a business leader and an inspiration for the people in my organization and circle of influence. In the current role, serving as CEO of a manufacturing company with more than 1400 employees worldwide, I am helping to navigate the enterprise through this challenging time, by optimizing the company structure in an agile manner and reinventing some of the products to face the changing markets. I am a catalyst for passion, energy, and resilience that, together with my networking skills, brings success to the companies and teams that I lead.

I have a unique combination of cognitive, emotional, and spiritual intelligence; these three, united, power my actions with a mix of strategic love and tactical kindness. My emotional intelligence has allowed me to thrive in diverse cultural contexts in my personal, academic, and professional life. Positivity, openness, empathy, learning, enthusiasm, and innovative thinking complements my cognitive intelligence, critical and analytical reasoning.


  • Ms.C. Nuclear Engineering, Milan Politecnico
  • Ms.C Mechanical Engineering, UCLA
  • Ph.D. Oxford University & Imperial College
  • mEMBA Chicago Booth
  • High Performance Leadership IMD
  • YPO Executive Commitee Switzerland


  • Cross Functional Team Leadership

    I can help develop your skills as a leader, especially if you are leading people across teams, departments, or even countries.

  • R&D

    The entire processes of building, testing, failing and trying again. I am in expert in this capacity and would love to help you become the same.

  • Product Development

    R&D is important, but so too is the user friendliness, go to market plan, and so many other variables. I can work with you to help bring your idea or product to market faster and with greater success.

Senior Program Manager at CryoLife, Inc.

During all of his stint at Abbott Vascular Gianpaolo and I were working closely together on the same projects.
I have come to know Gianpaolo as a fast learner who picked up the skills needed in his role almost instantaneously. Based on his professional attitude and his friendly personality, Gianpaolo was integrating easily with the local and global teams, building an important link across the various groups involved. During stressful periods Gianpaolo stayed calm and concentrated. Gently but also assertively keeping the team focused and on track at all times, Gianpaolo was contributing a lot to the accelerated progress of the project. It was my pleasure to work with Gianpaolo and he has my highest recommendation.
— Axel Grandt

Managing Partner at Xdome Lda

Gianpaolo’s demeanor is thoughtful, attentive, calm and friendly, even under the most stressful of circumstances and working with the most difficult of customers. His technical skills are solid, and his enthusiasm is contagious! He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and advise viable solutions, and thus produces consistent and high-quality results. His ability to remain unflustered during difficult situations proves his ability to work well under pressure. Gianpaolo was always very timely with completion of his work, if not ahead of schedule, and was deemed as a source of knowledge by fellow coworkers as well as customers. I highly recommend Gianpaolo’s talent and expertise, as an individual and as a professional.
— Estela Marques

Product Manager & Salesforce Enthusiast & Trailblazer

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Gianpaolo during his experience at EPFL where he demonstrated a unique perspicacity and outstanding management skills. His brilliance allowed him to quickly grasp even the most complex challenges which he successfully met ahead of deadlines and delivering high quality results. His expertise and skillful nature would be a valuable resource for any employer.
— Mattia Albergante

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