Marvelee Papaloukas
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Marvelee Papaloukas

Leadership & Business Coach

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Hi, I am Marvelee. I am proud to say I'm the first female business coach to deliver strategic planning methodology to leaders of the Top 100 Companies in Nepal, having been recognized for bringing “enlightenment” to teams and companies.

I have extensive experience collaborating with leaders of start-ups, growth companies and social sector organizations. I work with individuals on transformational change management and facilitation work. My innovative approaches with respect to coaching help me to help you on building high-functioning teams.

I have also won the coveted international “Best Innovative Event” award and prestigious YPO Global Award Winner pin for Innovations in Health and Wellness. I was recently recruited by YPO Global One Chapter to deliver the inaugural 10-day University event at Columbia Business School, NYC.

If you are looking to improve your leadership style, build a high-performance team, or launch a new business, I'd love to work with you!


  • YPO Entrepreneurship & Innovation Coach
  • RRU Entrepreneurial Studies Mentor
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified Strategic Business Coach
  • Certified Business Model Strategist
  • Community Micro-Lending Society Mentor


  • Leadership Training & Development

    Whether you are a new leader, a soon to be leader, or someone who's been leading for a while, I can help you maximize your effectiveness both on and off the job.

  • Executive Coaching

    Not just for the C-Suit, executive coaching is great for anyone who is looking to take their business acumen to the next level.

  • Strategy & Execution

    Having an idea is great. Turning it into reality is harder. I'll work with you to help bring your plans to life, and keep you accountable through to completion.

Ratebroker Financial CEO

Marvelee is an insightful executive coach. She asks powerful thought provoking questions that allow you to unearth new perspectives and gain a higher level of self-awareness. Her background, deep understanding of what executives face, and her engaging demeanor makes her easy to talk with.
— Jay Dilley

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