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Ajit Shah

Entrepreneur, Business, and Strategy Coach

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Distinguished 17+ year career reflects a breadth of multidisciplinary, well-rounded experience as a strong leader to profitably grow businesses, turn around service delivery and achieve business unit operational and financial targets for companies in a variety of industries. Extensive background in startups and governance working at a Board level. Proven record of producing results in diverse multicultural environments and generating rapid growth. Skilled at comprehensive organizational / structural changes leveraging global co/outsourcing strategies and optimizing inefficient work processes.

Successfully formulated and executed strategic plans while maintaining operational excellence. Exceptional capability to collaborate effectively with competing interests and biases. Skilled at delivering enterprise technology initiatives on time and on budget. Flexible, adaptable, decisive and outcome-oriented. Strong P&L management, change management, and staff development skills. Vast international experience working with foreign local nationals. High level of emotional intelligence. Exhibits leadership skills which nurtures a culture of employee engagement, high performance, and loyalty.


  • Director & CEO for Lotus Holdings
  • Current Board Member of YPO, Flexible Technology Solutions, and Flexible Insights
  • Founder of FocusOne Payment Solution
  • Member of the Board of Trade for the Government of Nepal


  • Entrepreneurship

    As director of multiple businesses and CEO of Lotus Holdings, my past and present entrepreneurial experiences have given me the opportunity to help others who seek to grow and expand their businesses

  • International Collaboration

    My vast international experience working with foreign local nationals have strengthened my knowledge about maintaining healthy relationships. Strong foreign connections are vital in sustaining global expansion

  • Team Management

    Executives and team leaders share similar qualities: the ability to effectively organize and manage a group of workers to maximize output. I will work with my clients to help direct and manage teams to increase workflow

  • Business Strategy

    Through my success formulating and executing strategic business plans, my clients will receive high-level guidance to utilize applicable skills within their businesses while maintaining operational excellence

Promoter at Ajod Insurance Company Limited

Excellent interpersonal skills and leadership including team play. An entrepreneur in the true sense.
— Sarit Rana

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