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Craig Clark

Law Enforcement & Leadership Coach

Focus and Determination: No matter what happens, stay in the fight!

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As a young man, I spent a career in the USMC/USNR/USAF as a Special Operations Marine, Navy Diver and Pararescueman (PJ). I took each team in an exciting stride learning to become and then being a team leader. After healing from a traumatic injury, my career went to government agency work continuing on special teams services in every role from diplomatic close protection to training police and foreign special forces to direct action intelligence and ghost works. After achieving more education and needed certifications, my career then transitioned to serving many years consulting and coaching in the corporate world. This work and education has given me credibility and tools specific to helping those in need through hard situations; PTSD, self-improve or any tough situation.

Broad experience and education wrapped tightly with real-world experience in leadership and mentoring can be great help. Experience mitigating high stress situations, coaching SpecOp team leaders and company managers equate in balance and strengthening as a team member, leader or anyone who is managing something like trauma. This assures a solid partnership toward specific/broad goals.


  • Honor Graduate Leadership School
  • Who's Who Award Recipient
  • Magna Cum Laude
  • Behavioral Pscyhology
  • Safety and Leadership Training Cerfication
  • Certified Special Warfare Counter Terrorism Instructor
  • Occupational Health Safety and Work Environment Specialist
  • Special Operations and Warfare instructor
  • Certified Industrial Consultant and Mentor (OSHA, PEC, DoD, DoS) Master Train-the-Trainer
  • Strategic Organizational Certification Program Archetect (Missouri Basin Industries program)


  • Psychological Health (PTSD)

    Coming to terms with a traumatic event in any line of work is similar; police action, S.W.A.T., HRT, SpecOps Operator, or just a really bad experience on the streets such as an accident resulting in a loss.

  • Leadership

    Leadership is strength in character. There are leaders and there are managers. Leaders have qualities and traits that can be fine-tuned into an outstanding leader. First, a great leader is a good follower. The best go beyond.

  • Team Player (Importance)

    A "team player" is not a catchphrase. It is as important as it is fluid. It applies in our everyday lives as much as it does in any industry work environment. Even a consultant relies on others to be most effective.

  • Strategic and Tactful Communication

    Anyone can say what's on their mind, but it's never a good idea to do that without first thinking of the ramifications or implications. Know your audience and the objective if in a professional conversation.

  • Tactical De-escalation/Escalation

    To use appropriate escalation of tools of the trade is as important and effective as is knowing how to use tools and communication to de-escalate a situation.

  • Mindset

    Successful individuals know how to set their mind to a task. But more importantly, they know when and how to get into the right mindset for any situation; boardroom/stakeholders brief, hallways, or in the field, all the same.

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