Alison Bluestone
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Alison Bluestone

Positive Interpersonal Connection & Dynamic Workplace Coach

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Experienced Facilitator and Coach with history of success working in the professional training & coaching industry helping to develop Interpersonal Skills needed for a growing market gap. Skilled in Systems-Team Relationship Coaching, Peer Group Development/Training, Leadership Development through RQ, EQ and PQ education, and Workplace Mediation in both Nonprofit and For Profit Organizations. Specialties include Off-sites and Retreats, Peer Groups/Forums, and Sociometry. Strong Culture and Change deliverables add to years of a large tool box from a wide educational range.


  • Former Owner of Bluestone Design Group
  • President of Momentous Meetings
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Expert in Positive Psychology


  • Consulting and Corporate Coaching Expert

    Do your meetings feel unenergized and lethargic? I specialize in helping my clients gain the necessary interpersonal skills to help reach their optimal business potential within any business situation

  • Strengthen your Interpersonal Connections

    We all wish to have strong relationships with the people we see daily. Allow me to help you create and sustain that everlasting connection that will boost positivity and production in your environment

  • Discover Yourself

    In many situations with my previous clients, I have facilitated the growth of their workplace dynamic by establishing a clear vision for the future. Connect with me, and we will work together to create and reach your goals

Entrepreneur/Innovator/Product Designer/Educator

Alison Bluestone recently facilitated a day and a half workshop for our group. With her unique style, Alison coached us through a deep discovery process that helped us establish a clearer vision, set concrete goals and achieve a more energized path forward. Three and a half months later— we continue to use Alison’s strategies. We have now transitioned from stagnation to a high functioning group. We would definitely engage Alison again.
— Fran Slutsky

Writer at Self-Employed

Alison Bluestone is the best facilitator our group of 8 women has ever had! She spent two days with us as part of a growth and renewal retreat. She captured our interest with her wisdom, humor, honest communication skills, and inspirational coaching. She is a wonderful facilitator. I left the meeting feeling empowered, mentally stimulated, ready to contribute effectively to the group and continue my journey of personal growth.

I highly recommend Alison Bluestone. She is amazing!
— Sondra Helene

Partner, VP of Marketing and Communications at Quality Branded

Alison facilitated a really interesting and impactful meeting. I appreciate all of the effort and insight she put into making it productive. I really liked her style. There were times she pushed for more information and input and others where she set the stage and let the conversation happen. She is really personable and engaging. From what I saw, I think she would be very well versed in facilitating a wide range of meetings. I was impressed with the range of scope of the insights our team engaged in throughout our offsite with Alison's guidance.
— Allison Good

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