Alexandria Adler

Alexandria Adler

Business owner/Entrepreneur, Relationship Advisor

"If you change your thoughts, you will change your life" - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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There are many scenarios in life that we wish we had answers to. Few people (if any) have answers to it all! However, there are valuable tools that can be incorporated into our way of thinking so that we can handle even life's most difficult moments with a sense of mental clarity and emotional security. I want to talk with you and discuss the root of your situation and how we can dig deep to plant new seeds of life that will give you the best foundation to achieving your goals (big and small!!). If you're reading this then you have already taken the biggest step in moving closer to living your best life!

My goal is to equip you with strategies for the future so that you feel confident in your physical, mental, and emotional state without relying on anyone/anything else!


  • Bachelors of Business- Western Kentucky University
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Owner of only female owned construction company in Nashville


  • Relationships

    Through Divorce, marriage, or just dating I will work with you to understand strengths and weaknesses in your relationships and help people find greater meaning and fulfillment in their relationships.

  • Business

    I will provide advice and assistance to entrepreneurs and business professionals using a practical approach. We can evaluate current situations and create short term and long term goals to build a thriving business.

  • Life Strategies

    I will work with you to handle and come up with a "game-plan" for any life situation, expected or not. We will work on techniques to optimize your life; From the way you think to creating new routines, we will cover it all!

Great Business Coach!

Alexandria Adler is a savvy business professional and entrepreneur. She’s given me excellent advice around managing my finances and elevating my personal brand. Highly recommend!
— Dede B.

A light in the darkness

I recently went through a rough divorce and found myself needing more help than I have ever needed. Alexandria was not only able to help me make though decisions through effective guidance, but she helped me find strength in it all. All hope was not lost, and I am so grateful that I had someone like Alexandria to coach me into living a life I never knew I could live!
— Molly V.

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